22-Year-Old Girl Confesses To Sleeping With 400 Men In Five Months, Guess Who Forced Her Into It?


Two sisters, Love, 22, and her 23-year-older sister, Happiness, were sometime in January, allegedly lured into prostitution by their eldest sister, Mary, who also tricked their cousin Joy Lawrence, 25, into the trade under the guise that she would give them jobs that would help them make a decent living, Punch reports.

By the time it dawned on the trio that theirs was a case of human trafficking, they had become trapped, the victims said.

One of the human trafficking victim, Love John, revealed that she slept with more than 400 men in less than five months in the Sango Ota area of Ogun State.

However, Mary’s game was exposed when Lawrence and another victim fled the hotel on Monday when they could no longer bear the pain they were subjected to.

While Lawrence was taken to the Lagos zonal headquarters of the Nigerian immigration service after she contacted someone who took her there, the whereabouts of the other girl is unknown.

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Human Trafficking Victims Lured Into Prostitution By Eldest Sister

After debriefing the immigration officials, they sung into action as they raided the hotel and rescued other human trafficking victims, arresting the hotel owner, one Mrs. Akpojaro Rose, an indigene of Warri, Delta State and also Mary,  in the process.

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Narrating her ugly experience to Punch, Love revealed that she did not have any formal education because their father died when they were toddlers. She further explained that her sister lured her into prostitution, adding that she slept with an average of four men a day. She said:

“I was learning tailoring in the village. My sister told me she could help me get a job in Lagos; she didn’t tell me that it was prostitution I was coming to do. After we got to Lagos, she said we should do this (prostitution) job so we can make money to be able to finish my craft as a tailor. I sleep with about four men in a day and each of them pay me at least N500.”

Recounting her own experience, 23-year-old Happiness had this to say:

“I didn’t go to school and I have not learnt any trade. I came to Lagos a few months ago. My sister didn’t tell me this was what I was coming to do in Lagos. She said it was a good job”.

25-year-old Lawrence who said she had been told she was going to go into trading, said: “I ran away because I didn’t like the work. I don’t want to do it again. I never knew this was the job”.

The trafficker, Mary said she was pressured into bringing the girls into the illegal business when they kept asking her to take them to Lagos. Hear her:

“I came to Lagos with a friend in 2014 and my friend introduced me to this job. We were first using a hotel called Happiness Hotel before we moved to Morning Star Hotel in Sango Ota.

“When I travelled to the village, my sisters started disturbing me that they wanted to follow me to Lagos to go and work. When they continued to disturb me, I decided to take them with me; but I didn’t tell them I was into prostitution. I told my mother I was working in a beer parlour.

“Each of us makes N2,500 to N3,000 daily. We sleep with an average of three to four men and they pay between N500 and N700.”

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The 32-year-old Mary also disclosed that she had saved N340,000 for the three girls from January till May 16 when they were arrested. She nevertheless, claimed that she had settled some policemen with N150,000 when they were first raided by policemen from Sango Ota.

The owner of the hotel, Rose,  said she gave out rooms to the girls at the rate of N200 per day, adding that if she had children the same age as the girls, she would not let them go into prostitution.

The Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration, Musa Maza, who handed over the victims of human trafficking to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and other related matters, said the suspects would be prosecuted at the end of investigations.