How To Transfer Money From Union Bank and When To Use The Sort Code

Union Bank of Nigeria, also popularly known as UBN, was established in 1917 and has since been a bank that evolves with time. Among the many technical advantages of the bank is its ability to make provision for its customers to transfer money using App, online platform, ATM, any branch of the bank, and shortcode *826#, otherwise known as the USSD.

While the Union Bank continues to be one of the most reliable and long-lasting banks in Nigeria, it has further added many things to its services to include the bank’s sort code, which is unique to a bank branch in routing transfers. Here’s all there is to know about Union Bank’s transfer.

How To Transfer Money From Union Bank Using USSD

The Union Bank transfer code (USSD) *826# allows account holders to transfer funds from their Union Bank account to other accounts from any mobile phone, whether it has the ability to browse or not. Like many other USSD services in other banks in Nigeria, you can only become eligible to transfer using the Union Bank USSD when you activate the bank’s transfer code.

How to activate Union Bank transfer code

  • You must have a Union Bank account
  • Your phone number must be the same as the one used to open your account.
  • Dial *826# and send
  • Press 1 (Activate Mobile Banking) or press 9 if you wish to discontinue
  • Enter your account number and send
  • Create a four (4) digit PIN
  • Complete the registration and send

Follow the steps below to send money using the USSD Code:

  • Dial *826# and send
  • Select send money to Union Bank or other banks and send
  • Alternatively, you can dial *826*1*amount*account number# to send money to another UBN account.
  • To send to other banks, dial *826*2.amount*account number#
  • You’ll need to enter your transfer PIN to continue.

Other Things You Can Do Using the USSD Code

  • To check your balance, dial *826*4#
  • For airtime purchase (self), dial *826*Amount#
  • If you want to buy airtime for a 3rd party, dial *826*Amount*3rd party mobile No#
  • For bills payment, dial *826*28*amount*userID#
  • To complete data capture after enrolment, dial *826*3*account no#
  • For card management (block and unblock card), dial *826*21#
  • You can dial *826*7*amount# for cardless withdrawal
  • Limit increase *826*8#
  • To buy data, dial *826*9*amount#
  • For Mcash, dial *826*22*merchantcode*amount#

How To Make A Transfer Using Union Bank App

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New Users

  • You need a browsing-enabled mobile phone.
  • Download the new UnionMobile App and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Enter account number (OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number with the bank)
  • Enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number
  • Choose username and password
  • Choose a new password and transaction PIN, then submit.
  • Return to the home page and Log in.

For Already Existing Users

  • Download the new UnionMobile App
  • Sign in with your UnionOnline username and password
  • Enter account number and submit (a One Time Passcode will be sent to your registered phone number)
  • Enter OTP
  • Create Transaction Pin
  • You are successfully registered, go to the home page and log in.

UBN Online Transfer and How to Use it

The UnionOnline allows Union Bank account holders to access their accounts using any device that has an internet connection. To gain access to the UnionOnline, you’ll need to register. This can be done in 2 ways – self-registration or visit any branch of the bank.

Self Registration

  • Follow this link 
  • Click on Internet Banking
  • Sign up now if you are not enrolled and click on UnionOnline
  • Insert account number and click continue
  • Enter One Time Password (OTP) received via SMS
  • Choose username and password, confirm details and click submit
  • Log in with your username and password
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Sometimes, this page may not be found. In this situation, you can contact the bank using this line +234-1-2716816.

If you are already registered, follow this link to log in with your username and password after accepting the terms and conditions of using the online UBN banking system. With the UnionOnline, an account holder can transfer up to N250,000 daily or you can increase your transaction limit to a maximum of N5 million.

Steps to increase your transaction limit

  • Login to UnionOnline
  • Go to self-service
  • Select manage transfer limits
  • Click Edit
  • Type your desired limit (Max N5,000,000)
  • Enter security word and token code
  • Click submit
  • Limit update successful
  • You can visit any branch of the bank to set your limit above N5 million

Apart from transferring funds using the UnionOnline, you can pay bills, request for debit card, block or unblock a debit card or destroy a debit card.

ATM Transfer Services and How To Use It

Union Bank has several ATM cards, including the Naira MasterCard, Naira Verve Card, and UnionAce Card. Whichever card you have, the process of using an ATM is the same. Read more below:

  • When you insert your ATM card, type in your PIN
  • Choose account type
  • Select transfer or Quickteller
  • Enter recipient’s account number
  • Select bank
  • Enter amount
  • Confirm the account name and details
  • Insert your phone number and send (If successful, it will appear on the ATM screen)

All There is to Know About UBN Sort Code

What is Union Bank Sort Code?

The UBN sort code is a 9-digit code unique to different banks. This code is used to determine the location where an account is held. In other words, the UBN sort code allows for routing money transfers between different banks. Union Bank sort codes vary from one branch to the other and usually come in groups of pairs. However, the first three (032) digits are the same and are the bank’s identifiers.

You can use the sort code when you want to transfer funds from a particular branch to another. Also, there are some documents of the bank that may require filling the sort code.

How To Get The Union Bank Sort Code

If you intend to get the sort code for your bank account, you can check the bank’s statement or visit any of the bank branches. In some cases, it can be written on a chequebook. Here’s where to get a complete list of Union Bank’s sort code.

FAQS About Union Bank Transfer

Can I print my state of account after I transfer funds or make any other transactions?

  • Yes. The bank makes it available to print an account statement by clicking on the Export to Excel or Export to PDF button.

Can I transfer when I’m out of Nigeria?

  • Yes, you can use the App, USSD code (depends on your network provider), and transact online. However, your network provider may decide to charge you.

What if I forget my PIN?

  • You can visit any branch of the bank.

How often can I transfer funds?

  • Funds can be transferred as often as possible 24/7 until you reach your daily limit of N250,000 or any amount you have adjusted to.

Can I schedule future transfers?

  • You can schedule future transfers through the standing order menu

Can I use the UnionMobile App to transfer if I change my mobile device?

  • Yes, All you need is to download the app and log in with your correct details.

How much is the Union Bank transfer charge?

  • If you use the USSD *828#, a fee charge of N6.98 VAT will be deducted. This fee is remitted by the bank to your network provider. This fee is only deducted if your transaction is successful.


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