How To Tell A Person’s Character By The Phone They Use


Psychologists say you can understand someone’s character based on his body language, facial features or even the way he walks. While this is 100% true, analyzing someone’s personality requires deeper knowledge about many other things other than the ones mentioned above. Did you know that you can equally know a lot about a person from the kind of phone he uses?

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In Nigeria, people tend to buy phones that will represent them well. Most times, they use a particular brand of phone as though they are ambassadors of the brand. This is however due to a subconscious instinct that makes them feel their phones can be used as a parameter to summarize their personality.

Well, it is not far from the truth, a survey has been carried out and these are the characters of persons using any of these 12 mobile phones.

1. HTC

HTC users are very serious about life, generally, they talk serious, they walk serious and they don’t have the time to relax at all.

2. Blackberry

These set of people are simply attention seekers, they always want you to see them taking selfies or notice them taking a fake call.


3.  ZTE

ZTE users lack taste, and usually settle for less.

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4. Huawei

Huawei users are absolutely awesome.

5. Apple iPhone

Classy, is the word to describe people using this brand of phone.


6. Motorola

Motorola users are yet to upgrade in technology, they are the old school category.

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7. Nokia

Even with the technological drift to more sophisticated phones, Nokia users seem to be very loyal.

8.  Sony

Users of this brand are often misunderstood, you really can’t place their worth.


9. LG

This set of phone users are Loners and usually boring.

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10.  Tecno

Techno users are pretenders; in a bid to feel among, they flaunt what ain’t real.


11. Samsung

People who use Samsung gadgets are all about style; they know “what’s up” at all times.

12.  Any of those phones with 2 sim cards

Any person using an unbranded or unpopular phone with 2 sims is always boring, and bored at the same time.

Now you can take a first impression test of that new friend of yours by just checking out his/her phone. But note that these analysis are not automatic, they vary between individuals.

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