How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in the US

Nigeria is a country with vast resources and a very large population consisting of over 150 million citizens who co-exist with everyone in the entire universe. With businesses such as the oil-exporting industry, many live outside the country, especially in the United States of America since it’s the 2nd largest supplier.

With many of them living outside Nigeria, the passport might expire any time when in a foreign country, like the U.S.A.  and immediate renewal is needed. This is made possible by the presence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Consulate in New York and Atlanta, Georgia.

If one is renewing their passport, a sticker indicating the next expiration date, which is five years from the present date of renewal, is placed on the observation page. One can renew their passport through the Internet if it has not exceeded ten years or visit the embassy.

For one to be able to renew a passport, first and foremost, the applicant must be a Nigerian passport holder and should have evidence that they did have a passport and it is actually expired by producing it when asked for it. From the 1st of July in 2007, the Government of Nigeria decided that it was time to go digital and ensure that all passport application procedures are made online.

This is done through two steps. The first part involves the online application process which will proceed to the payment which is payable through the credit card or money order at the SW Global for the thirty dollars used to process while the second step is getting an appointment to the Nigerian High Commission in the passport area.

For anyone to be a viable candidate for the renewal of a passport, one should ensure that the online application procedure is completed with every information that’s given being accurate. This is done by printing out the form together with the appointment booking document, application payment confirmation document, online application acknowledgement paper and also a postal order fee of thirty dollars. Two other important factors to consider is that one should produce the previous passport and also ensure that one appears in person at the embassy on the appointed day.

The official site for a passport application and any other immigration-related questions is and one should be aware that a Nigerian passport has a 10-year period before its expiration which includes a 5-year initial validity. The site provides very clear information on the activities of passport-related issues which makes it easier for Nigeria’s interests to grow.

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How Can I Renew My Nigerian Passport Online?

Since 1st July 2007, Nigerian passport renewal can be processed online. It is fast and stress-free. Find below the various steps for Nigerian Passport renewal.

  • Log in to http:/,  and locate the passport menu tab.
  • Click to Select the E-Passport Application Form and if you have a Yahoo or Google account, it is even easier as logging in from those two sites is quite easy. If not, one should just create an account to continue with the process.
  • After filling in the form, you can print it and submit it through the online link. If the application is successful, a reference number and application ID shall be provided
  • Print out the reference number and Application ID because it is of great importance in the process of application.
  •  To continue the process, click the close button and then the proceed tab to commence the payment process. Payments should be made from a valid credit card or Visa card.
  •  Do confirm on the cart page to make sure that everything is in the correct order and then proceed to pay online.
  • You can choose to pay with either the credit card or money order option, depending on the preferred option. If you use the credit card method, for payment to be able to register every possible information that is important, it is best to allow a 30-minute time frame for that process
  • After payment is completed, visit and choose the E-Passport to enter both the reference number and Application ID given earlier and afterwards search on the record section.
  • Through all this, a receipt is presented and one should also print it out with the application confirmation. Attach all the printed documents to the expired passport and visit the Nigerian Embassy on the appointed date.
  • After completing the whole filling of documents, you can just mail the papers to the embassy or consulate through their addresses, but paying a visit there is still mandatory.
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Note: If documents are not filled completely, they will not be accepted when handed in and therefore the process will be futile.

Some advantages of this whole procedure are that it is done online and therefore saves time and the resources that one might use to go back and forth if any information is not filled to the satisfaction of the procedural requirements. Another thing is that the process is notably extremely efficient and very fast when compared to how the whole procedure was in the last decade.

What Are the Steps Required to Renew My Passport in the USA?

The major steps to follow to renew your Nigerian Passport in the USA are as follows

  • Visit the Nigerian official immigration portal and click on E-passport from the passport menu,
  • Select Standard E-passport, then, fill out your data as required ((names and date of birth on the application form MUST BE IN THE SAME ORDER on current Passport and NIN)
  • choose one between four possible accounts: Google, Yahoo, Open ID, or Facebook. After logging in or creating an account you can fill in the form.
  • Select UNITED STATES as processing country and Atlanta, GA as Office of Application.
  • print a copy of the form, and click submit.
  • After successful submission, the system will provide you with a Reference Number and an application ID. Proceed to the online payment and save the receipt.
  •  Once you’ve completed the application, print out the page with the tracking numbers and mail the required information to the indicated address.

Note:  From the Embassy’s website, you’ll be able to look for the consular office that holds jurisdiction in your area.

Do I Need NIN to Renew My Nigerian Passport in the USA?

es. Your National Identification Number (NIN) is mandatory for all kinds of passport renewal. Hence, any person entitled to a passport issued by the Federal Republic of Nigeria must provide a NIN as a part of the issuance process

TheNational Identification Number (NIN) is used to tie together all records about you – demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, other biometric data and digital signature – in the National Identity Database making it relatively easy to confirm and verify your identity when you engage in transaction or plans to travel

Do I Need My Old or Expired Passport to Renew My Nigerian Passport in the USA?

Yes. You will need to present your expired Nigerian passport among other documents to be able to renew your Nigerian passport. If you are not able to present your old expired Nigerian passport, it will be considered lost. Other necessary documents required include

  • Passport Acknowledgement Slip.
  • Copy of online application form (signed and dated)
  • One copy of the Passport photograph.
  • Photocopy of passport data page (which clearly shows photograph, full name and date of birth)

What Do I Need to Renew My Nigerian Passport in the USA?

After completing the online process, you will need to bring along these 7 (seven) documents to the local Nigerian Embassy for your passport renewal :

  • A copy of the online application form
  • The online payment receipt
  • The online acknowledgement slips
  • Your expired Nigerian passport
  • A photocopy of your passport data page
  • Two Nigerian passport-size photos
  • A certified self-addressed prepaid envelope ( for the USA, from USPS, UPS, or FedEx)


Is it Possible to Enter Nigeria from the US with my Expired Nigerian Passport?

Yes. Nigerian citizens can still return to their country with their expired Nigerian passports. However, before you book your return ticket with your expired passport, call your specific airline and ask if they accept expired passports or not.

How Long Does It Take to Renew My Nigerian Passport in the USA?

3 weeks. It takes just three weeks to renew your Nigerian Passport in the USA.

How Soon Before Expirey Can I Renew My Nigerian Passport? 

You can renew your Nigerian passport one year before it expires

How much Does It Cost To Renew A Nigerian Passport In the USA?

Renewing your Nigerian passport in the USA will only cost an administrative fee of $130 via postal order.

Where Can I Go to Renew my Passport in The US?

You can visit the Nigerian embassy to renew your Nigerian passport in the United States. The address is 3519 International Court, NW Washington, DC 20008.


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