How to Reach Keystone Bank Customer Care Service and Issues They Can Help With

Keystone Bank is one of the major commercial banks in Nigeria. The bank, over the years, has strived to maintain quality in customer care delivery. The customer care unit of Keystone Bank has in recent years taken customer service delivery beyond the traditional approach. They have implemented all technological communication processes in order to provide quality service. The bank’s customer service always maintains a timely response to complaints and inquiries.

Ways of Contacting Keystone Bank Customer Care

Keystone Bank has different channels through which customers can reach out to them. These channels are used to gather inquiries and complaints and disseminate information on products and services. Below are the different channels of reaching the customer care unit of Keystone Bank:

  • Through Email
  • By Phone call
  • Live Chat
  • Through social media platform
  • Visiting the Keystone Branch branch

Keystone Bank Customer Care Email

Through this method, one can make an inquiry and complaint to the bank. This can only be done using the same email address used during the account opening process. This is only when the bank can consider your request or complaints important. The Keystone Bank email address for customer care services is [email protected]. Simply use the provided email address as the recipient.

Some Issues one can Solve by Contacting Keystone Bank Through Email Address

The following are some of the complaints and inquiries that can be resolved or provided through email by the customer care services:

  • Transactions problems relating to debit card
  • Request for account balance
  • Inquiries about online banking
  • Request for account statement
  • Request to reset the password for online banking
  • Request for a new ATM card
  • Any form of complaint that relates to Keystone Bank services
  • Information on Keystone Banks’ products and services

Keystone Bank Customer Care Phone Numbers

Below are the right numbers to use for a conversation with a customer care representative on the phone. Note that the call attracts a normal call charge from your network provider. This channel of contact with the customer care unit is a 24/7 active channel.

What is Keystone Bank Customer Number?

For any complaints or inquiries that relate to the banking activities of Keystone Bank, call this number: +234 700 2000 3000. It is advisable to use the channel most often when there is an emergency. It doesn’t restrict its services to only the numbers used to open an account.

Issues that Can Be Resolved by Calling Customer Service

Below are some of the issues a customer can resolve through this channel include:

  • Requests for information on online banking
  • Any kind of complaint about Keystone Bank’s services
  • Problems with debit card transactions
  • Request that your online banking password be reset
  • Keystone Bank’s products and services are described in detail.
  • Requests for information on online banking
  • Request for change of phone number

How to Contact the Customer Care Service Through Live Chat

Resolving issues with Keystone Banking transactions can be done through their live chat channel. This is a communication channel established by the bank to interact with its customers. Live chat enables a customer to quickly drop a complaint and make inquiries.

Before a customer can be able to make use of the Keystone Bank live chat platform, one must visit the bank’s official website. The system works the same way as having direct communication through a chat. It is a 24-hour customer care service that can be used 7 days a week. Below are the steps to access the customer care live chat:

  • Visit the Keystone Bank official website or click here
  • Scroll down to the chat symbol.

You can now leave messages, and a customer representative will respond.

Issues That Can Be Resolved by Contacting Customer Service Through Live Chat

Below are some of the issues a customer can resolve through this channel include:

  • Keystone Bank’s products and services are thoroughly discussed
  • Requests for online banking information
  • Apply for a new ATM card
  • Request for an account upgrade
  • Request for phone number change
  • Resolve debit card transaction issues

Social Media Channels of Keystone Bank’s Customer Service

The bank’s customer care unit can also be reached through some social media channels. As social media is currently one of the easiest means of reaching a wide range of people. Keystone Bank mostly makes use of this channel in communicating its products and services to the public. Some of the ways of contacting the customer care units of Keystone Bank include:

Note that the services from the above channels are 24/7 service delivery channels. To make use of the channels, the customer is expected to have an account with the social media platforms.

Issues That Can Be Resolved by Contacting Customer Service Through Social Media

Below are some of the issues a customer can resolve through this channel:

  • Issues related to transactions with debit card
  • Request a new ATM card
  • Change of Phone Number Request
  • Unclear debits
  • Account upgrade request
  • Request for account balance
  • Request for account number

Before one can resolve any Keystone bank transaction issues, there are some important questions that must be answered. These questions enable the customer care representative to confirm ownership of the account. Below are some of the most important questions before resolving issues through social media:

  • Account name
  • The Keystone Bank branch where the account was opened
  • Phone number used when opening the account
  • The three last transactions that are done with the account

As much as providing these details can give you access to resolving issues through social media. Keystone Bank places a disclaimer on any bad consequences that come from sharing bank information on social media.

Contacting Keystone Bank’s Customer Care By Visiting Any of its Branches

This method should be the very last option if the above-listed methods fail to provide the required satisfaction. At any branch of the bank, there are customer care representatives that are ready to handle complaints and requests. This is the only Keystone Bank customer care service that is restricted to time and days. They work from Monday to Friday, starting work at 8 am and closing at 4 pm.

To drop any complaint by visiting any Keystone bank branch, the customer is expected to fill out a complaint form. As the complaint form details will be sent to Keystone Bank’s CFMS for proper treatment.

Where is Keystone Bank’s head office?

Keystone Bank’s head office is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

1, Keystone Bank Crescent,
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria

Issues That Can Be Resolved by Visiting a Keystone Bank’s Branch

Below are some of the issues a customer can resolve through this channel:

  • Request for bank statement
  • Request for an account upgrade
  • Request for account balance
  • A change of account phone number can be requested
  • One can also request the reactivation of the account
  • Request for a debit card
  • One can request an account with online banking
  • One can request assistance with mobile banking


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