How To Print NYSC Call-Up Letter

To print NYSC Call-Up Letter, go to the NYSC portal, locate and click on the ‘Login here’ icon and access your page by using the registered email and password. Finally, scroll down to locate the Print Call-up Letter, then click on it.

National Youth Service Corps has been a mandatory exercise for all university graduates from Nigeria and Nigerian citizens outside Nigeria. It doesn’t matter if one completed their tertiary education in the country or not; all that matters is to meet the criteria, of which an NYSC Call-up letter is one of the most important.

However, graduates above the age of 30 are exempted from the NYSC exercise. Still, they are required to get an exemption letter from the National Youth Service Corps secretariate resident in the State. Prospective corp members are also mandated to monitor when the NYSC Call-up letter for their batch and stream is ready as long as they participated in the online registration process.

What Is NYSC Call-Up Letter?

An NYSC call-up letter is a letter that a prospective corp member receives on completion of the online registration exercise. The call-up letter is more like a ticket to a National Youth Service Corps orientation camp. It is a document showing the State of deployment, address of a corp members orientation camp, date of opening the orientation camp for corps members, and other essential pieces of information.

Reason for Printing NYSC Call-Up Letter

It confirms prospective corp members claim to be signed up for the one-year NYSC exercise. Not having your call-up letter is an automatic disqualification for the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp as the graduate won’t have a place of posting. It serves as a document used for verification by NYSC officials in the orientation camp. Right from the camp’s entrance until after the camping, the Call-up letter is very important as it can be demanded at any given time.

What NYSC Call-up Letter Can Be Used For

The NYSC call-up letter serves many purposes, including the following:

  • The letter serves as a means of NYSC confirmation on registration: The NYSC call-up letter can be used to confirm that one has successfully finished the necessary registration for the NYSC orientation camping exercise and is entitled to the 21days camping.
  • It stands as a letter of direction to the Orientation Camp: It also serves as a direction to corp members on their deployed state for camping. It also provides a direction to the orientation ground for corp members who don’t have the knowledge of the venue.
  • Serves as the first identification card of a corp member: The letter is the very first identification document given by NYSC to whom it may concern, confirming that the holder is part of the NYSC exercise and should be given every necessary support. Also, it is the first identification letter for all prospective corps members. NYSC corp members are advised to have copies of the call-up letter, as it will be demanded right from the entrance of the mobilization camp.
  • It stands as a means of verification document in the camp: The document is used as a verification document in the camp by NYSC officials during the 21 days camping exercise. All corp members are mandated to submit copies of the call-up letter to the verification panel set up in the camp.
  • A means of sending prior Instructions to corp members: It is also a guide to corp members before embarking on selfless service. It contains other documents the corp members are advised to come to the camp with to avoid extra expenses in making them available in the camp.
  • Serves as a guide to corp members kits specifications: The letter contains towards the end a guide to NYSC officials on the kit size of corp members for easy and proper distribution in the orientation ground.

How Do I Check My NYSC Portal Call-Up Letter?

It usually takes up to three weeks to get your NYSC call-up letter online after you’ve duly registered. But, to check if the call-up letter is finally ready, here are the steps you should take

  • Visit the NYSC portal
  • Click on “Login Here” to log in with the email you used during your online registration and your password.
  • Click on “Resume” to log in
  • Once you are logged in to your dashboard, click on ‘print call-up letter to view where you’ve been posted to
  • If the call-up letter is ready, you will find it and you will be able to print it.

How to Print NYSC Call-Up Letter

All prospective corps members are advised to carefully follow the steps provided below in printing out their call-up letter for the orientation camp exercise.

  • Click here on the NYSC portal.
  • Locate the Login Here on the front page and click on it.
  • Access your page by using the registered email and password.
  • Scroll downwards on the dashboard until you locate the Print Call-up Letter, then click on it.
  • If you are getting an error message, relax and follow the instruction below:
    • Change the number on your browser web address (e.g., if you have, change it to
    • By doing this, your browser will be forced to use a different page that will open the page.
    • Again, you can do the above step and get the page opened by constantly refreshing the page with the error message.
  • Then your Call-up letter will be downloaded in a pdf format.
  • The next and final step is to either copy it on a flash drive to print out at any business center of your choice, or you print it using your printer by pressing ctrl P on your keyboard.
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The above step is for prospective corp members who paid N3,000 during registration. Prospective corps members who didn’t make the payment during registration can get their call-up letter by visiting their various universities.

How Prospective Foreign Corp Members Are To Print Their NYSC Call-up Letter

NYSC Call up

The steps on printing of NYSC Call-up letter for foreign prospective corp members are the same as the above-detailed step for national-based prospective corp members.

However, there is a difference when the prospective foreign corp member didn’t make the registration charges of N3,000 until the Call-up letter is out. They are to go for collection in NYSC secretariate Abuja.

Is There NYSC Call-Up Letter Fee?

NYSC Call-up letter has no payment attached to it. However, you can’t print and reprint your call-up letter if you didn’t make the NYSC registration payment while registering for NYSC. One can get his or her NYSC Call-up letter from the university free of charge.

How to make the NYSC Registration Payment

  • Log in to the NYSC portal by clicking here.
  • Click on Login Here on the page.
  • Access the dashboard by inputting the registered email and password.
  • Scroll to “Click here to make payment”
  • Tap on “Proceed to Payment”
  • The page will be redirected to a remita payment platform that will provide the following payment options:

Payment Using ATM Card, Credit Cards, or Wallet Payments

  • Tap on the “Pay now with cards or wallet.”
  • Input the card details and press proceed.
  • If successful tap the status of the transaction.

Payment Through A Bank Branch

  • Copy the RRR number generated from the remita platform.
  • Tap on the “see available bank branches” to see the selected bank branches for your payment.
  • After successfully making the payment confirm your payment status by clicking here
  • Type in the Transaction reference number which is the transaction ID.
  • Tap on continue
  • Select the “Get Status” in order to view the details of your payments.

Important Information On the NYSC Call-up Letter

The following are the important pieces of information one can get in the NYSC Call-up letter:

  • Personal Information: On the front page of a call-up letter the following are the personal information to see.
    • Name
    • Call-up number
    • State of origin
    • Gender
    • Institution of study
    • Course of study
    • State of Deployment
    • Date of reporting
    • Officer-in-charge
    • Address for the Orientation camp
  • Other information is the requirement for the 21 days orientation camp, Stipend for transportation, and other instructions on the code and conduct of NYSC.

Consequences Of Not Having Your NYSC Call-Up Letter

NYSC Call up

  • Not having a call-up letter means that the prospective corps member has not been mobilized. So, such a person has no business in the orientation camp as the security personnel will not allow you inside the camp.
  • In case of loss of the call-up letter, the corp member will be directed on where to reprint the letter.
  • In terms of rejection of Call-up letter because of a genuine reason to NYSC, such person can reapply for mobilization with next batch or stream as the case may be.


Is the NYSC PPA Letter same as Call-Up Letter?

No, they are not the same. A call-up letter is a document sent to prospective corps members by the management of the National Youth Service Corps to take part in the NYSC programme while a PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) letter contains the name and address of the company or firm the Corp Member is expected to report on leaving the orientation camp.

What is NYSC Exemption Letter?

An NYSC exemption letter or certificate is a letter that is given to anyone who is exempted from the NYSC service year. This letter can be presented in place of NYSC Certificate of National Service when required.

What Is NYSC Relocation Letter?

An NYSC relocation letter is a piece of document that is written and submitted to the NYSC management by a corps member who wishes to be transferred from their current place of posting to another location.


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