How to Migrate to Glo Yakata Airtime, Data Plan and the Code to Use

To enjoy lower rate call charges, bonuses, and good data tariffs offered by Glo Yakata, simply dial *230# with your Glo number to migrate to the tariff plan.

Glo Yakata is a prepaid tariff plan that provides various beneficial services. Glo data subscribers have continued to prefer the tariff package throughout the years. This is because the tariff plan offers a very low call rate and numerous call and data bonuses.

It will interest you to note that Glo Yakata was introduced in 2018 by the telecommunications company as a tool for marketing. The plan lasted just a year before they reorganized it to develop the current New Glo Yakata tariff plan.

The former Glo Yakata was aimed at promoting data plans. But the current version promotes both the voice and data services. As we progress, we’ll look at the difference between the two versions, how to migrate to this tariff plan and all the conditions for doing so.

Glo Yakata Code for Migration

To migrate to the Glo Yakata tariff plan, dial *230# for old customers on the Glo communication network. New customers are automatically migrated to the tariff plan on the registration of their SIM card.

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata

The migration process of Glo customers will be viewed in two different dimensions. The first dimension is the migration process for existing customers and the migration process for new customers. We will carry out the migration process to GLO Yakata for any of the above customers.

Existing Customers’ Process of Migrating to the Glo Yakata Plan

All that is required of you to do to successfully migrate to the Glo Yakata tariff plan is to dial *230#. When this is done, you will receive confirmation that you have successfully migrated to the Glo Yakata tariff plan.

New Customers’ Process of Migrating to the Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

There is no designed process whereby all new Glo customers can migrate to the Glo Yakata tariff plan. The fact remains that once you register a new Glo SIM card, you are automatically on the Glo Yakata tariff plan.

Requirements for Migrating to the Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

Customers can easily transition to the plan because it is one of the telecom network’s major offerings. At its most basic, all you need is an active Glo SIM. If you want to take advantage of the plan by reactivating an old SIM, simply recharge the line before migrating.

Customers who purchase a new SIM card will need to complete documentation requirements at the point of sale to become Glo Yakata customers. This will necessitate personal information such as the following:

  • Means of Identification (NIN, Voters’ Card, Driver’s License)
  • Personal information
  • A passport photograph that will be taken by the Glo agent

That’s all you need to do to be eligible for the Glo Yakata plan. Once you’ve completed them, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefits of the tariff plan.

What are the Benefits of the Glo Yakata Tariff Plan?

The advantages that come with migrating to the Glo Yakata tariff plan include airtime bonuses, free Internet, and unlimited on-net calls. The pricing plan is great for those looking to save money on data and call expenses without reducing their regularity of usage.

It is a universal plan that caters to students, professionals, and company owners. It is also ideal for those who make many phone calls, use a lot of the internet, or simply want to save money. Although the plan is offered to existing and new Glo users, the benefits package varies by category. However, everyone receives something.

Glo Yakata Benefits for New Customers

When new subscribers join the Glo network, they are automatically placed on the Yakata plan and receive 6GB of free data monthly for six months. They would also receive a 2,200% discount on any N100 recharge to contact any network.

Other benefits are as follows:

  • Users get a bonus for making Glo to Glo calls
  • Receives a special data bonus on the first recharge every month for six months
  • You will receive a standard bonus of 2.5 percent on your first recharge for the month of N200 or more.
  • One gets an additional bonus for social data to make use of Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook
  • All the bonus offered stays till 7 days before it expires

Summarized Benefits For Customers that Migrate to Glo Yakata

Below are the benefits awaiting new customers on Glo Yakata from the recharge they make on the tariff plan:

Every N100 Recharge
  • You get a N300 Glo to Glo voice bonus
  • N200 Glo to all network voice bonus
  • 25MB data bonus
  • 25MB social data bonus
Every N200 Recharge
  • You get a N600 Glo to Glo voice bonus
  • N400 for Glo to all network voice bonus
  • 50MB for data bonus
  • 50MB social data bonus
  • 250MB for data bonus on the 1st recharge of the month
Every N500 Recharge
  • You get N1,500 for the Glo to Glo voice bonus
  • N1,000 for Glo to all network voice bonus
  • 125MB for data bonus
  • 125 for social data bonus
  • 600MB for data bonus on the 1st recharge of the month
Every N1,000 Recharge
  • You get N3,000 for Glo to Glo voice bonus
  • N2,000 for Glo to all network voice bonus
  • 250MB for data bonus
  • 250MB for social data bonus
  • 1,200MB for data bonus on the 1st recharge of the month
Every N5,000 Recharge
  • You get N15,000 for the Glo to Glo voice bonus
  • N10,000 for Glo to all network voice bonus
  • 1,250MB for data bonus
  • 1,250MB for social data bonus
  • 6,000MB for data bonus on the 1st recharge of the month

Glo Yakata Benefits for Old Customers

Existing Glo customers who migrate to the Yakata plan will receive all benefits for the first six months, except for the 6GB of monthly free data. It only applies to new customers. They will continue to receive call benefits that are five times the value of each airtime recharge for on-net and all-net calls combined.

Difference Between Old Glo Yakata Plan and Glo New Yakata

Most users fail to understand that there are two different Glo Yakata tariff plans. To show the features of the current Yakata tariff plan, we will outline the significant difference between the two versions. Note that the communication network has scrapped the previous Glo Yakata. Some of the differences are stated below:

SMS Allocated to the Bonus Account

For the old Glo Yakata, the user gets only a 14 SMS bonus, while the Glo New Yakata offers up to a 20 SMS bonus to all local networks.

Call Rate on Glo to Glo

The old Glo Yakata tariff plan had a cheaper call rate on Glo to Glo. The rate was 55k/sec for the old Glo Yakata tariff plan. Currently, the Glo New Yakata charges 70k/sec for all Glo to Glo calls.

Social Data Benefit

The old Glo Yakata tariff plan didn’t provide a data bonus for social data. The new Glo Yakata tariff plan includes provisions for data bonuses that will benefit social media users.

Free 6GB For the First Six Months

The old Glo Yakata didn’t offer new Glo Yakata SIM users a 6GB free data plan for the first six months of using the number. It was introduced by the New Glo Yakata tariff plan.

How to Check Glo Yakata’s Airtime Balance

It is important to check your Glo Yakata airtime balance regularly to keep track of certain information and to keep track how you are using your airtime and bonus. The code for checking your Glo Yakata account balance is the same as the code for accessing your Glo airtime balance.

The code #124*1# allows you to obtain general information about your account balance, including those on the Glo Yakata tariff plan. The following are the steps to check your airtime balance on the Glo Yakata:

  • Dial #124*1# using your Glo numbers
  • Click on the send button

At this point, you will have your airtime balance displayed and sent to your SMS inbox.

How to Check Glo Yakata Data Plan

Checking data plans is one of the important ways of managing your data usage. The Glo Yakata tariff plan data subscription offers subscribers data that is way above the value subscribed. There are three different ways of checking your Glo Yakata data plan, and they include:

  • Use of Glo USSD Code
  • SMS
  • Glo Self-Care Portal
  • A Customer Service Representative

How to Check Glo Data Plan Using the USSD Code

On Glo Yakata data plans, there is no one-of-a-kind means to check the data account balance. Because it is a standard option on the Glo tariff list, you can check it by dialing the same USSD code as you would for other tariff options. The codes *220*1# and *777# can be used to access data plans in Glo Yakata.

*220*1# is more for general balance checks. It displays all of your sim’s balances, including airtime balance, airtime bonus, SMS bonus, and data balance. Simply dial the code to find out the status of your Glo Yakata sim.

*777# is a data-focused shortcode that answers the question in its most specific form. Simply dial the code and then follow these steps:

  • Click One to select ‘Buy Data’ from the sub-menu
  • Click four to select ‘Manage Plan’ from the option
  • Click four to select ‘Data Balance’ from the option

Then you will receive all your balances in Glo Yakata, including the data balance.

How to Check Glo Data Plan Through SMS

You can try checking your Glo Yakata data plan bonuses via SMS. The steps to do this remain very simple and easy for users.

Through the following two-step procedure, you will get all details of your Glo data balance, including your bonuses, on your SIM. All you have to do is:

  • Access your SMS  App
  • Send INFO to 127

By doing this, you get your data balances sent back to you as a reply. The text reply is saved in your SMS inbox for reference purposes.

How to Check Glo Data Plan Through Glo Self Care Portal

If you wish to check your Glo data plan balance while working on your laptop without being distracted by your phone, you can use the Glo Self Care Portal to track your Yakata Data Plan balance.

Make sure you’re using your registered Glo Yakata SIM to connect to the internet. If that’s the case, simply click on this Glo Self Care link. When the page loads, you will see your SIM dashboard, which includes a sub-menu where you may execute various functions.

A bar in the top right corner will track your data consumption. Each data account on your SIM has its bar, which may be accessed by clicking the arrow button. This method is far more expensive than the other two, which are entirely free. However, it provides graphic features that make calculating your remaining data easier.

How to Check Glo Data Plan Through the Customer Care Channels

There are different channels to reach the Glo customer care representative to demand balances. The following are the channels to check your Glo data plan through customer service:

  • Glo Toll-Free Number
  • Glo Customer Service Email Address
To Check Glo Data Plan Using the Glo Toll-Free Number

The following steps will help you connect with a Glo customer care representative:

  • Dial the toll-free number 200 with your Glo number
  • Wait and listen to the prompt
  • Select 0 to be automatically connected to a customer care representative
  • Ask the customer representative to help you with the data plan balance or even the migration process
  • An SMS will be sent to you in a few seconds confirming your request. This will show you all the required details of the data plan you are using.
To Check Glo Data Plan Using the Glo Customer Care Email Address

To request a check on your Glo data plan through the Glo customer care email channel, simply send your request to [email protected]. This process takes time for you to receive a reply, which is why it is not always advisable to be used.

What is the Code to Check Glo Yakata Bonus?

The code to check Glo Yakata’s bonus is *230*1#. It will give you a rundown of all the bonuses on your Glo Yakata SIM card.

How to Check Glo Yakata Bonus

Glo Yakata subscribers get numerous bonuses. These benefits could include voice or data benefits. The call incentive is valid for six months and gives subscribers a whopping 2200 percent value on every N100 recharge.

By dialing *230*1#, Glo Yakata subscribers can view their call bonus, estimate how much they have left, and when it will expire before recharge.

Glo Yakata customers also get rewarded with data bonuses in addition to the call bonus. Customers can view their data bonus using a USSD code process:

  • Use your GLO line to dial *777#.
  • Select 1 from the options to choose the data option
  • Input 5 to select the Manage Data option.
  • Then input 4 from the options provided to get your data balance

At this point, not only will your data balance be displayed. You will also get your Glo Yakata bonus displayed and sent to your message inbox.

If the above step is difficult, you can dial *127*0#. You will still get the Glo Yakata bonus displayed on the screen and also get it sent as an SMS to you.


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