How To Login To Spectranet Account and Check Your Data Balance

There has been the need to have faster and more reliable broadband internet and services in a modern technology world. To help with this, Spectranet maintains a position of being one of the fastest and leading companies in Nigeria. While this has been established, there’s every need to login into a Spectranet account to enjoy the benefits that come with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The company boasts of being the first to launch 4G LTE in Nigeria and it also has existed for more than a decade while giving its customers 24 hours internet services daily. To enjoy these services, however, there is a need to purchase a Spectranet internet broadband device, log in to an account, and purchase data. Wondering how to gain access to your Spectranet account and check your data balance, here’s an in-depth way.

What You Should Know About Spectranet Before Having an Account

If one is nursing the thoughts of having a sustainable internet service in Nigeria, a company such as Spectranet may come in handy. Interestingly, the company sets itself not only for individuals but also for companies.

Its reliability has been at the forefront of its reviews. In addition, Spectranet 4G-LTE data has proven beneficial to users of large bandwidth in everyday activities ranging from browsing, downloading, making video and audio calls through the internet among other advantages.

Although the services may be great, it currently operates in a few major cities in Nigeria, including Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Ibadan. For one to gain access to enjoy the benefits of the services, having an account is vital. The question that would often come up nonetheless is how can one have an account on Spectranet or how to log in where an account has already been created. Here’s every available detail.

How to log Into Spectranet Account and The Services to Enjoy

Step-By-Step Login Guide For New Users

The devices of Spectranet often come with a default WiFi key. Nonetheless, one is expected to change the details to reduce the risk of unwanted users tapping from your data. Here’s how to change the password as a new user:

  • Use a browsable device to connect to the MiFi, WiFi, Flyt, modem, or any Spectranet device
  • Go to the preferred browser on your device
  • In the address space, type the IP address and proceed
  • On the portal, click on settings
  • Where you see a login box, fill in your credentials
  • Click on Wi-Fi basic setting and create another SSID
  • Create a new Wi-Fi password that you can easily remember

How Already Existing Users Can log into the Internet Service Provider

Spectranet login page demo
  • Secure a Spectranet device
  • Visit the service provider’s self-care website
  • Login details will appear on the dashboard
  • Click on “Account No” or “User ID” to select a mode of login
  • If you click on the “Account No” option, fill in your Account Number on the space provided and fill in the password/OTP space
  • If you select “User ID” as your mode of login, correctly fill in the “User ID” space as provided on the dashboard followed by the Password/OTP

What to Do if You Forget Your Spectranet Password or User ID

Spectranet password retrieval page demo

Whenever you forget the login details of the internet broadband service provider, you can follow the steps below:

  • On the same login platform of the self-care page, click on forgot password
  • Enter your USER ID
  • An OTP will be sent to the email you used to register the account
  • Use the OTP to login
  • If you don’t remember your user ID, click on retrieve User ID
  • Enter your Sim card No. in a space provided
  • Click on “retrieve” and continue
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Things You Can Do When You Log Into Spectranet Account

  • Get Access To Data Plans
  • Check the summary of your account
  • Change password of SSID and WiFi
  • Make easy payments
  • Get access to manage profile

How To Check Spectranet Data Balance

Check Data Balance Online

  • Go to the webpage of the Internet service provider
  • Go to self-care
  • Enter your login details
  • On your dashboard, go to the data balance option
  • The data balance often comes with colons such as 50:123:28 to mean 50GB, 123MB, and 28KB

How to Check Spectranet Data Balance Through Customer Care

  • The customer support of the internet service provider can give access to the data balance
  • Get the customer support line from the website of Spectranet under “Contact Us”
  • Call the customer care representatives and give details that will prove you are the owner of the account
  • Ask for your data balance

Why it is Important to Check Your Data Balance and Know The Price Range of Data Plans

Checking the Spectranet data balance helps one to set internet consumption limits. It also helps one to work on a budget, and not go out of data without prior knowledge. Apart from the fact that it is important to know how much internet data one consumes as an individual or in relation to a company.

In order to top data, there are numerous ways Spectranet has made available. Below are available data plans and how much they cost:

  • Kulele Plans
    • Price range: ₦3,999 for 12GB to ₦15,999 for 80GB monthly
  •  Kulele+ Plans
    • ₦8,999 for 32GB to ₦27,999 for 200GB every month
  • doMORE Plans
    • Price range: ₦3,250 for 8GB to ₦60,000, for 300GB monthly
  • Always on Plans
    • Price range: 125GB at ₦18,999 per month
  • Smart Choice Plans
    • Price range: ₦8,999 for 32GB to ₦27,999 for 200GB a month
  • Smart Value Plans
    • Price range: ₦16,500 for 42GB to ₦73,000 for 216GB monthly
  • Bumpa Value Plans
    • Price range: ₦31,300 for 84GB to ₦27,999 for 200GB monthly
  • Data Boosters-Top Ups
    • Price range: ₦500 for 32GB to ₦400 for 10GB per month
  • Mini Plans
    • Price range: ₦1,500 for 6GB to ₦4,500 for 20GB monthly

The data plans of Spectranet usually come with bonuses that include an unlimited night plan. While data can be rolled over, bonuses cannot be rolled. One can buy data through a bank using things such as USSD and bank applications among other methods.

To round this up, Spectranet has proven to be of assistance in terms of internet connectivity with advantages such as reliable connectivity, WAN management, dedicated IP, cloud VAS solutions, security management, and dedicated internet link among others. But to enjoy this entails going having an account, getting to know how to log in and having active internet data.


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