How to Check UBA Account Balance and the Code to Use

To check UBA Account Balance, dial the UBA Account balance code *919*00# You can also go online or use the Mobile Banking App to check your account details.

The United Bank for Africa, otherwise known as UBA Bank Plc or the UBA Group, is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria. Since its inception, the bank has continually upgraded its means of providing financial services and improved customers’ satisfaction using the latest technology. As a result, UBA customers can quickly ascertain their account balance without going to the banking hall. Moreover, they have also introduced a unique code, *919*00#, which one can use to check their account balance anytime, anywhere.

Besides using the shortcode, UBA has also provided other ways for its customers to check their account balances. They include using their internet banking platform, mobile app, and SMS, among others. With this latest banking technology, customers can now say goodbye to the stress of going to the banking hall to join long queues, calling customer service, and visiting the ATM. Read on as we explore in detail the various ways of checking your UBA account balance below.

How to Check Account Balance on UBA

Knowing your UBA account balance is important in many ways more than one. To some people, checking their account balance is usually the first thing to do before initiating a transaction. Doing this will help you know your account’s current state, whether you are running low on funds or have reached the minimum balance. Before now, you’d have to get to the bank before you can check your account balance or initiate a transaction.

However, in this technology-driven banking era, UBA has adopted various methods for customers to ascertain their account balances and carry out transactions without going to the bank. These methods ensure that their customers can check their account balance using fast, easy, secure, and diverse ways without hazel.

UBA customers can check their account balance through the following ways:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking App
  • USSD Code
  • SMS

Note that the basic requirement for checking your account balance is your mobile phone, whether smart or non-smartphone, with or without an internet connection. More so, you would need the phone number registered with your bank account. Having known the various ways of checking your UBA account balance, let’s delve deeper to understand how each method works and how to go about it in the paragraphs below.

How To Check My UBA Account Balance Online

Checking your UBA account balance online can be done in two ways: internet banking and using the UBA mobile banking App. To access any of these channels, you are required to have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, as the case may be. Also, you need to have your account number and phone number handy. Below are in-depth steps on how to use the internet and mobile banking App.

How to Check UBA Account Balance Using Internet Banking

UBA internet banking platform is secure and easy to use, and customers can bank from any part of the world. It helps to manage your account and process your transactions fast and efficiently. However, before using this medium, ensure you have activated the UBA internet banking. To complete the activation, you need a welcome letter from UBA containing your Internet Banking Password and User ID and a secure device.

Steps to setting up UBA Internet Banking Service

  • Once you receive your login details from the bank by SMS or email, visit
  • Input your user ID and password, as contained in the letter.
  • Set up your display image and phrase (ensure the image and phrase are correct before inputting your password)
  • Add security a question and answer to complete your registration.

Checking Your UBA  Account Balance via Internet Banking

  • After signing up for the internet banking service, log in to the homepage using your User ID and Password.
  • On the homepage, click on the menu icon and select Accounts to see further options.
  • Next, select Operative Accounts.
  • After that, all your UBA accounts will be shown with the available balance on each of them.

How to Check Account Balance Using UBA Mobile Banking App

Checking your account balance using the UBA mobile banking App is quick and straightforward. It requires an internet-enabled phone or smartphone, account number, and phone number linked to your account. To check your account balance, you must first download and install the App from Play Store for Android phone users or Apple Store for iOS users.

Follow the steps below to download, activate, and check your account balance using the UBA mobile banking App

  • Visit the UBA website
  • Click on Mobile Banking or click here
  • Scroll down to “Download the App today” or click here for iOS or here for Android users.
  • Next, install the application on your phone
  • Register using your User ID generated by the bank
  • Choose your country and complete the steps that follow.
  • After that, an OTP will be sent to the phone number linked to your UBA account.
  • With the One Time Password (OTP), you can log into the app, after which you will click on Account Balance or Account Statement to see your current UBA account balance.

Note that you won’t be able to download, install, and carry out transactions on the UBA mobile banking app without an internet connection. Therefore, ensure your phone is connected to the internet before starting the processes highlighted above.

What Is The UBA Account Balance Code?

As we mentioned earlier, the UBA USSD code is *919#. Checking your UBA account balance using the bank’s USSD code has never been easier. The only requirement here is to set the USSD code, also known as the Magic number, using your phone, the phone number you registered on your account, and your account number. However, before you can check your account balance with the USSD code, you will have to activate the USSD.

To activate the UBA USSD code, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *919# from the phone number registered to your UBA account.
  • After that, you would receive a welcome message.
  • Next, select OPTION 1 to sign up for the UBA USSD code
  • On the next screen, select the suitable option out of the two that will appear
  • You will be required to register with your NUBAN account number or as a Prepaid subscriber.
  • Choose Prepaid with PIN, if you are a prepaid subscriber
  • Next, select Account with PIN, which will lead you to the screen where you would input your UBA account number or your prepaid number.
  • After that, you will be required to enter the last four digits of your ATM card.
  • Then, choose a four-digit PIN for your USSD transactions.
  • Confirm the PIN and the setup will be completed successfully.

How to Check UBA Account Balance Using *919# USSD Code

Now that you have successfully activated your UBA USSD banking, the next thing is to proceed with your transactions. To check your account balance using the USSD code, Dial *919*00# from the number registered to your account.


  • Dial *919# from the phone number registered to your account
  • Select OPTION 6 to check your account balance
  • Complete the remaining steps, and your account balance will be shown on your screen.

Can I Check My UBA Account Balance by SMS?

Yes, you can check your UBA account balance by SMS. All you need to do is dial the magic banking code *919*00# from the phone that is registered on your UBA account, input your four-digit PIN, and your balance will be sent directly to your phone via an SMS.

How to Check UBA Account Balance Without PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN and want to know how much is in your account, there are two ways to go about it;

  • Visit the Bank: Visit a UBA branch near you to check your account balance, your presence is PIN-enough for the cashier that will attend to you. The customer care representative will request your account number and help you check your account balance in their system.
  • Call Customer Care Service: Putting a call on UBA’s customer care service is another perfect way to check your bank account balance without a PIN. Call +234 700 225 5822 to speak to a customer care representative and request your account balance. The customer care representative will ask you for information pertaining to your account but not your PIN.

How to Check UBA Account Balance with My Phone

You can check your UBA account balance with your mobile phone either using the USSD Code (*919*00#) banking services or via the UBA mobile app or UBA internet banking platform.


What is UBA Account Balance Code?

The UBA Account balance code is *919*00#. Once you’ve dialled the code, enter your four (4) digits PIN, and then a pop-up containing your account balance will appear on your screen.


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