How To Check Sterling Bank Account Balance and the USSD Code to Use

The USSD code to check Sterling Bank account balance is *822*6#. You can also check it with your Sterling Bank app, through internet banking, ATM, WhatsApp, and a visit to the bank.

Sterling Bank remains one of the leading banks in the Nigerian banking sector. The bank started in 1960 as NAL Bank until 2006 when it merged with several other banks and adopted the name Sterling Bank. Over the years, it has faced many transitions and the use of technology has been vital to the bank. For this reason, checking your Sterling Bank account balance has been made easy in many ways.

Sterling Bank, otherwise known as the one-customer bank has devised ways through which its customers can access many banking services, including checking account balances from anywhere in the world without any issue about the type of mobile device one should use. This account balance checking can be achieved through the use of the USSD code *822*6#, Sterling Bank OneBank mobile app, WhatsApp, ATM, customer service center, or a visit to the bank.

Sterling Bank Code to Check Balance

The Sterling Bank code to check the account balance is *822*6#. Dial the code from the mobile number that is connected to your bank account. This USSD code will display the money you have left in your Sterling account on your screen.

How To Check Sterling Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code

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  • Dial *822#
  • Press 6 and send (option for checking your account balance)
  • Enter your 4-digit USSD PIN and send
  • Your account number will automatically display on your screen together with your BVN

Alternatively, you can:

  • Dial *822*6#
  • Enter your 4-digit USSD code

Note: This method will only work when you use the mobile number that is linked to your account. Also, you have to register your line to be able to enjoy the use of the Sterling Bank USSD code.

How To Register Your Number To Use Sterling Bank USSD

  • Dial *822*
  • Enter 1 and send (option for registration)
  • Enter your correct account number
  • Create a 4-digit PIN


  • Dial *822*1#
  • Enter account number
  • Create transaction PIN

You Can Check Your Sterling Account Balance On WhatsApp

Using the Sterling Bank 24-hour WhatsApp banking, you can make many transactions that include balance inquiries, transfer of funds, buying airtime, paying bills; BVN inquiries, and statement generation.

Once you’re on the WhatsApp platform, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Initiate a conversion with the bank (Kiki)
  • Step 2: Kiki (Sterling Bank) will respond with a list of services
  • Step 3: you can type Bal or Balance for balance inquiry
  • Step 4: Kiki will respond with your account balance

How To Get Started On Sterling Bank WhatsApp Banking

  • Save the Sterling Bank WhatsApp number – +2349060006449 on your mobile device
  • You can start a conversation with Kiki (Sterling) with a hi or hey
  • You will receive a response to agree to the terms and conditions of the bank
  • Send I AGREE – space – Account number (e.g I AGREE 0123456789)
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone
  • Enter the OTP (it expires in 5 minutes)
  • A link will be sent to you to complete the process
  • Click on the link and fill out the form
  • In the form, you’ll need to enter your card number, card expiry, card PIN, and password
  • If you do not have a card, click on OnePay or USSD Credentials to continue.

Using the Sterling WhatsApp platform, you can not only check your current account balance but go as far as generating an account statement by initiating a conversation and typing “statement. This will automatically provide you with details of the last 5 transactions on the account.

How To Check Your Account Balance Using Sterling Bank OneBank Mobile App

  • Download the OneBank App from browsing enabled mobile device from a Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Launch the App
  • Click on Login and enter your login details
  • Click on Sign Up if you are a new user and follow the instructions
  • Once you log in, your account balance automatically appears with your name on the dashboard
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Visit Any Branch of The Bank or Contact Customer Care Service To Check Your Account Balance

There are over 100 branches of Sterling Bank across the 36 states in Nigeria. You can choose to visit any of the branches close to you to check your account balance.

Unlike the use of USSD and internet banking, visiting any of the branches of Sterling Bank is not something that would be available 24 hours and only operate on weekdays.

Instead of visiting the bank, however, you can contact the bank’s customer care service center from anywhere. Here are ways to contact customer service:

Call the following numbers

  • 017003270
  • +2347008220000
  • 01-4484481
  • 01-8888822

Email at

Note: When you contact the customer care service center of Sterling Bank for your account balance, you have to provide important information such as your account name and number among other things you may be required to enter.

Can I Check My Account Balance At An ATM?

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You can use your ATM card to check your Sterling Bank account balance by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit any ATM
  • Step 2: Insert your ATM card
  • Step 3: Enter your ATM transaction PIN
  • Step 4: Select Balance from the menu
  • Step 5: Your account number will display on the screen
  • Step 6: Select another transaction to continue or end the process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How To Check Your Sterling Bank Account Balance

Do I need to have airtime to check my account balance using USSD?

You do not need to have airtime in your phone line before you can gain access to use the USSD to check your account balance.

Is checking your account balance free?

There is a charge of 10.05 Naira (VAT inclusive) whenever you check your account balance using the USSD code.

Also, you will be charged a call fee if you decide to call the bank’s customer center for your account balance. For WhatsApp, you will need to have data and internet connectivity

Can I check my Sterling Bank balance by SMS?

Your account balance can be sent to your registered number as an alert when your account is debited or credited.

Can I check my previous account balance?

Yes, this is called the statement of account. However, the USSD and ATM do not have the luxury of offering this service. Regardless, by contacting customer care, using WhatsApp, the OneBank app, or visiting the bank, you can gain access to your previous account balance or statement of account.

Can I use my phone to check my account balance?

You can use any mobile device to check your account balance. For USSD or calling any of the customer service numbers, you do not need a phone that has internet connectivity. To check your account balance online, you need a phone that has access to the internet.


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