How To Check Ecobank Account Number Or Account Balance

Dial *326# to Check Ecobank account number or account balance using your phone number registered with the bank. You can also use other methods including the Ecobank app and website.  

Alongside knowing your phone number, it is also important to endeavour to know your account numbers offhand. The importance of having these numbers at your fingertips cannot be overemphasized. However, we have all come across people who have a hard time memorizing such things. This is why banks like Ecobank have gone the extra mile to create different avenues through which customers can retrieve their account numbers among other bank-related transactions. These different ways that are discussed below appeal to different kinds of people, giving the customer the chance to select the one that is more convenient.

How to Check Ecobank Account Number

There are various methods you can use for checking your Ecobank account balance without stress. However, the methods considered the easiest so far are

  • Using the USSD Code
  • Using the Ecobank mobile app
  • Via Ecobank website
  • Using the ATM

How To Retrieve Your Ecobank Account Number Via USSD Code 

Using a USSD code to complete a bank transaction has become very popular among Nigerians due to its convenience. You do not have to step out of your home or office as all you need is just your mobile phone. You do not even need to have an internet connection. However, before you can check your account balance with this option, you must have previously registered for the service. If you have not done so, registering for the Ecobank USSD service can be done in the following simple steps.

  • Dial *326#
  • Press ‘2’ to activate
  • Follow instructions on the screen to complete the process and you are good to go.

When the above-listed process is completed, you can proceed to check your Ecobank account balance by doing the following:

  • Dial *326*0#. Ensure that you do this on the phone number registered with your Ecobank bank account.
  • You will be required to provide your four-digit PIN to authenticate the request.
  • After doing this, your account number will be displayed on the screen of your phone.

Retrieving Your Ecobank Account Number AT An ATM

Unlike the USSD option, retrieving your Ecobank account number via the ATM will require you to leave the comfort of your home or workplace. You would also need to have an active debit card linked to your account. On the brighter side, however, you do not have to go to the banking hall as there is most likely an ATM nearer to you than a bank branch. You can also do it at any time of the day as against having to meet up with the bank’s working hours.

To use this option, go through the following steps:

  • At the ATM, insert your debit card and input your PIN
  • From the options displayed on the screen, select check account balance.
  • When your account balance is displayed, your account number will also be displayed alongside it.

Check Ecobank Account Number Via Mobile App

The option of using the app to retrieve your Ecobank account number is very easy and convenient. However, you will need to have an internet connection to do this and would also have to download and activated the app. If you do not have the app, use the following steps to install it.

  • Go to the app store and search for the Ecobank Mobile App
  • Install and launch it
  • Click on New User to register
  • Once registered, a one-time password is sent to your phone
  • Log in with the password and then change it to something personal begin using the app

Once the app is activated, all you need to do is log in, click on the profile section and your account number will be displayed on the screen.

Retrieve Your Ecobank Account Number Using SMS

This is one of the older methods through which one can retrieve their account number. It is, however, also a fast and easy method. All you need to do is send the word NUBAN to 0806ECOBANK (08063262265) and you will receive a text message containing your account number.

How To Check Your Ecobank Account Balance

More important than knowing your phone and account numbers off-hand is being aware of what you have left in your account. Knowing your account balance can save you from quite a lot of embarrassment. You do not want to go shopping without having an idea of how much you have remaining in your account. You also do not want to budget for things or commit yourself to activities that you will not be able to afford. There is also the issue of being able to point out discrepancies in bank statements, to know when you are being defrauded or when the bank might have made a mistake in statements.

Just like retrieving your account number, there are various ways through which you can check your Ecobank account balance. These various methods are

  • Using the USSD Code
  • Using the Ecobank mobile app
  • Via Ecobank website
  • Using the ATM

Ecobank USSD Code to Check Balance 

Using the Ecobank USSD code *326#, you can complete a myriad of transactions, including checking your account balance.

  • Dial *326*0# from the phone number registered with your Ecobank bank account
  • Put in your four-digit PIN to authenticate the request
  • Follow the screen prompts for your account balance to be displayed

Check Your Ecobank Account Balance Using ATM

With your debit card at hand, visit the nearest ATM to you and go through the following steps to check your account balance.

  • Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN
  • From the options displayed on the screen, select check account balance
  • Your account number will be displayed

Check Account Balance Via  Ecobank Mobile App

The Ecobank mobile app is another easy way to check your account balance. You will have to download, register, and activate it before you can log in. Once logged in, your account balance would be readily available, and displayed for you to see on the screen.

Checking Your Account Balance Online

Your Ecobank account balance can also be checked online. However, to be able to access this service, you must have an internet connection. Go through the following steps to use the process:

  • Visit the Ecobank website
  • Login to Internet Banking and click on either the ‘personal,’ ‘corporate,’ or ‘omni’ button to access the type of account you operate
  • Use your Ecobank details to log in
  • Enter your unique user ID and click Continue
  • Enter your password and confirm your account either via picture or message and your balance will be displayed


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