How to Check and Print JAMB Admission Letter

You can view, check and print the JAMB admission letter by visiting the home page of the JAMB Admission letter printing portal and following the instructions.

The JAMB admission letter is a report that legally gives one license to be admitted provisionally into any Nigerian higher institution for a degree program. Not only does it serve as proof of admission, but it also serves as an important requirement for other postgraduate activities like the NYSC program. Failure to print out one’s admission letter could have dire effects ranging from invalid admission statuses to being delayed in receiving one’s degree certificate.

In past years, it was routine for Nigerian universities to substitute their admission letter for the JAMB-issued ones. Although that is not generally the case anymore—as many schools now go ahead to issue their admission letters which are valid despite JAMB qualifications—it is best advised that newly admitted fresh graduates print out theirs to avoid unnecessary complications that might hinder their academic pursuits.

What is JAMB Admission Letter Used For?

The main importance of the JAMB admission letter is that it officially authenticates that you have been offered provisional admission into any degree program in a Nigerian higher institution. Possibly, the higher institution of your choice.

Generally, the form contains vital information about the school you were offered admission to, the degree you are pursuing, the college/faculty, and the department. You will also find in the admission letter the duration of the course you are pursuing.

Hence, without a JAMB admission letter, you do not have valid proof that you were offered admission into any higher institution in Nigeria. You will also need to print your admission form for the following reasons:

  • To be assured that your admission is secured and have evidence to back it up
  • To successfully complete your admission registration or clearance process
  • To gain approval and be deployed for the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC)
  • To successfully apply for a scholarship as is being requested by most organizations or companies

How To Check JAMB Admission Letter Status  

To check your JAMB admission status, you have to first create a JAMB account, if you don’t have one. This especially applies to candidates that wrote JAMB from 2016 and previously. Usually, for you to be eligible to apply for and write the exam, you need to create a profile with the exam body.

  • Click here to visit the JAMB e-facility portal and follow the instructions listed there to create your account
  • If you are not seeking to participate in the exam, as might be the case with many final year students, then go ahead and log in using the same email that was used for the registration
  • If you already have a profile, then proceed to the next step
  • Log in to your Jamb profile with your username and password
  • After logging in, scroll down to the ‘Check Admission Status’ menu and click on it
  • Input the year in which the exam is being taken, then enter your registration number in the respective required columns
  • After this, click on the ‘Check Admission Status’ tab to view your JAMB admission status

Here are the possible responses you’ll get from JAMB:

  1. ‘Congratulations You Have Been Offered Provisional Admission’

If you see this, it means you have been admitted into your choice institution. This means that you can now go ahead to accept or reject the offer of admission.

  1. ‘Admission in Progress’

If you get this response, it means that your request for admission is still being processed. More often than not, this notification means that you’ve been admitted as well. All you need to do is to keep checking so you can know when the status changes to that of number 1 above.

  1. ‘Not Admitted’
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If you see this, it means that you have not been offered admission into any higher institution. Although you might keep checking to see if there will be any changes, the possibility is slim. The most prudent step will be to register for the exam next year.

How To Get a JAMB Admission Letter

Before you get to this stage, it is expected that you’ve sat and passed your Jamb exams and your name is listed among those offered admission to study in a higher institution. Upon meeting all the above criteria, candidates are expected to visit the JAMB e-facility portal and claim their JAMB admission letters.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) administration has set up a portal where Direct Entry (DE) and UTME (JAMB) candidates can go to check their admission status for all previous years.

  • Click on to take you to the Jamb e-facility platform
  • Log in with your email address and the password you used while creating your profile
  • Locate the “Admission Letter” tab on the sidebar or on the Home page and click on it 2
  • A transaction ID will appear on the confirmation page screen
  • Review the details displayed on the Confirmation Page(A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address for future references)
  • Click on continue if you wish to make payment with your card to immediately get your admission letter
  • Once you’ve made the necessary payment, your payment status will appear on the “My Payment” section
  • An SMS plus an email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment
  • Click on the Continue button. to access your admission letter
  •  You will be asked to provide the following:
    • Year of Exam and
    • JAMB Registration Number.
  • After carefully entering the required information, then, you can go ahead and access your admission letter

How Much is JAMB Admission Letter?

The cost of printing the JAMB admission letter is N1000. Note that charges might be slightly higher if you are printing from a cyber cafe. This amount can either be paid directly on the JAMB e-facility portal using your card or you can indicate whether you prefer other payment channels like ATM, Cash at the Bank, or Quickteller.

How To Print JAMB Admission Letter

Before you are able to print your JAMB Admission letter, it is believed that you have confirmed and accepted the JAMB admission offer. In fact, unless you accept the offer on the JAMB portal, you won’t be able to have access to the JAMB admission letters. And it’s only after having access that you can print the JAMB admission letters.

You should also ensure to have checked your JAMB admission status to be sure you have been offered admission.

Below are the steps to take when you want to print out your admission letter:

  • Log into the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) and click ‘Accept’ to accept your provisional admission
  • To print out the letter, go directly to the JAMB portal at
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Click on the tab that reads, ‘Admission Letter’. You will find it either on the sidebar or on the web home page
  • Make the necessary payment to be able to access your admission letter as discussed above
  • After the payment has been confirmed and processed, input your year of exam and JAMB registration number in the required fields
  • Go ahead and print out your admission letter


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