How To Change My First Bank Phone Number and Receive Alert Messages

If you use the first bank’s USSD code *894# for daily transactions such as fund transfers, airtime, and bill payments, the phone number associated with your first bank account is an essential element. In contrast to the usage of the USSD code for transactions, your phone number ensures that you receive SMS alerts for both credit and debit transactions.

You might want to replace the phone number associated with your bank account if your phone was stolen or you chose to switch to a different network provider to receive better service. Whichever the case may be, it is vital to update your bank with your new phone number. You can accomplish this by using your first bank’s mobile banking app, visiting a first bank branch near you, or calling a customer service agent.

How to Change My First Bank Phone Number

You can change your first bank phone number using any of these three different ways or methods depending on your choice or convenience;

  • Via the online banking platform
  • Visiting the bank
  • Speaking to a customer care agent

Documents needed for changing the First Bank Phone Number

One of the simplest things you can do is to change your First Bank phone number. It does not take long and may be done on your phone. It can also be done by going to the bank, which may require you to bring some documents with you, such as;

  • A valid identification card
  • A debit card

How to Change First Bank Phone Number via the online banking platform

In general, the financial system virtualizes its operations to facilitate transaction processing. This ensures that you can conduct these banking transactions without visiting the bank. You can replace your phone number by using your bank app to access the first bank’s web portal by following these steps;

  • Launch your first mobile app to gain access to the online banking platform and sign in using your details
  • Locate and click on ‘self-service’ on your app
  • Navigate to the personal information page, click on customer information, and then enter your new phone number
  • Verify the new mobile number and click Update, and it will be done instantly and linked to your first bank account.

How to Change the First Bank Phone Number in The Banking Hall

You can update your First Bank phone number by going to a branch nearby. It is also quick and straightforward to perform; follow these procedures below.

  • Visit the first bank branch that is nearest to you
  • Enter the banking hall and request to speak with a customer service agent
  • Explain your case to the customer service representative in charge. Choose a form and fill in your information and the reason for changing your phone number.
  • After you submit the form and leave, the phone number update will be effective in less than two working days.

How to Change First Bank’s Phone Number by Speaking to a Customer Care Representative

You might not have the time to go to the bank or use the online mobile banking platform. You could make inquiries by calling First Bank’s customer service at any of these service numbers;

  • +234-708-062-5000
  • +234-1-905-2326
  • +234-1-905-2000

Changing your phone number is not as complicated as some people believe. While the average Nigerian may be skeptical of the bank’s ability to meet customer wants and requests, changing your First Bank mobile phone number is simple.

What is the First Bank Alert Service, and how do you set it up?

The First bank’s Alert service makes it simple to stay on top of account activity. Alerts will allow you to keep a close eye on your finances without logging in to Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app. You may obtain tailored account information anytime and wherever you want with email and SMS alerts.

If you want to receive alerts on your mobile phone, you can do so under Settings in Online Banking or your Mobile App. You can choose the types of alerts you want to receive. For example, you will receive an alert if your balance goes below a certain amount or if a transaction exceeds a certain amount. To set up an alert service on First Bank without visiting the bank, follow these steps.

  • Log in to your online banking account or launch the First Mobile app
  • Select alerts from the Services portion of the menu.
  • Activate it, and you will start receiving alerts on your First Bank phone number.

 The first bank alert service is free, but standard carrier text messaging fees may apply.

First Bank Credit Alert Message

One of the features provided by the First Bank Alert service is the credit alert message. It notifies customers of any credit in their accounts by delivering SMS notifications about the credit information and their updated First Bank account balance to their First Bank phone number or sending emails with the credit information and their updated account balance to the email addresses associated with their accounts.

This feature enables First Bank customers to effortlessly monitor and confirm credit transactions without logging in to their online banking or the First mobile app. This functionality can be enabled by visiting any First Bank branch or using the online banking platform/First mobile app.

First Bank Debit Alert Message

The First Bank debit alert message is a feature that notifies First Bank customers after each outgoing transaction, similar to how the First Bank credit alert message notifies customers with credit information. It informs First Bank customers of the amount deducted, the reason for the debit, and their updated First Bank account balance.

Customers of First Bank can get debit alert messages via their First Bank phone number, the email address associated with their bank account, or both. They can use this function to easily monitor and confirm debit transactions without logging in to their online banking or the First mobile app. This function can be activated by visiting any First Bank branch near you or using the First mobile app.

Uses of First Bank Phone number

The phone number associated with your First Bank account is also your first bank phone number. This phone number is very significant since it allows you to conduct many transactions from the convenience of your home, office, or business location, as the case may be, without visiting the bank’s facilities.

It makes banking easier for customers because they can now complete practically all banking activities from their phones with a First Bank phone number. Below is a list of things the First Bank phone number can be used for:

  • Customers can now receive SMS credit and debit transaction alerts on their phones.
  • Check the balance of your First Bank account by dialing *894*00#.
  • Use the first bank’s USSD code: *894*Amount*Account Number# to make transactions.
  • Recharge your own airtime (*894*Amount#) or that of others (*894*Amount*Phone number#).
  • Request for accounts Mini-statement using the USSD code; *894*Account Number#
  • Receiving personalized account information and updates.

Because it functions virtually as a mini-bank, the First Bank phone number is quite vital and makes banking less stressful for customers. Customers who do not have access to a smartphone or an internet-enabled device for online banking can use the USSD features available through their phone number.


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