How to Block Access Bank Account or Your ATM Card

Because of fast-growing technology, people are now able to perform banking services on their phones that are linked to their banks. Losing this phone (or an ATM card) or having them stolen can be very frustrating, especially when the chances of getting them back are very slim. If these items find their way into the hands of any criminal, they can easily have access to your bank account and steal your funds. Luckily, Access Bank has now introduced a code that could help its customers to block accounts and ATMs with much ease.

Following its commitment to safeguarding the investments and savings of customers, Access Bank introduced the *901*911# USSD code to allow its customers to deactivate their USSD profile once their mobile devices get lost or stolen. The self-service enables users to deactivate their accounts using any alternative phone number. This will help account holders to safeguard their funds before official reports are directed to the bank. In this view, we will show you how to deactivate your account using this code and more in case you find yourself in this situation.

What Does It Mean To Block an Account or ATM?

Blocking an account or ATM simply means deactivating your bank account or your debit card to prevent any unauthorized persons from gaining access to your bank details and funds.

Possible Reasons To Block An Account

You can block or deactivate your account or debit card for these reasons:

  1. If your phone, sim card, or ATM card is missing or stolen
  2. If the phone is being used by another for a transaction not originating from you
  3. If your ATM card details and PIN has been exposed and used by unauthorized persons

How To Block An Access Bank Account

Using a USSD code for activities like blocking an account or debit card is one of the fastest and easiest means for an account holder to safeguard his funds and identity. To block your Access Bank account with the USSD code:

  • Dial *901*11# from any phone number,
  • Follow the instructions and provide the phone number you used in registering the account
  • Complete the task by providing your USSD PIN

Note: Blocked accounts restrict account owners from unlimited and unrestricted use of their funds in that account. So, while you can block the account from your phone, you will need to visit the bank if you want to unblock it.

Can I Block My Access Bank Account Online?

You cannot block or close your Access Bank account online. Access Bank has only provided the *901*911# USSD code as a fast and easy way to block your account. The only alternative means of blocking your account in case the above-mentioned code fails is to visit any branch of Access Bank to lodge your complaint and possibly block the account.

You can also reach Access Bank through its Access WhatsApp banking number: +234 9090 901 901. This allows you to chat with Access bank customer care personnel via WhatsApp.

Other Access bank Contact Center helplines include 07003000000, 01-2802500, 01-2712005-7 and listen for the self-service option.

How To Block Your Access Bank ATM Card

Blocking your ATM card is important because it guarantees that the cash in your account is secure and cannot be withdrawn by a 3rd party. You do not want to put your money at any risk and any action must be taken as soon as possible. Access Bank has also made provisions for its customers to easily block any of their ATM cards that have been exposed to theft. However, to do this, you must meet the necessary requirements.

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Requirements for Access Bank ATM Card Blocking

  1. Have Access Bank Mobile App or register for Access Bank mobile or internet banking.
  2. Remember your mobile bank “Username and Password.
  3.  Have your Authentication PIN or Access Bank Token.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Block Your Access Bank ATM Card

  1. Open the Access bank mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Click on “Login” to sign in
  4. Once you are logged into your account, locate “Cards & Cheques” and click on it,
  5. Click on “Manage Cards”
  6. Click on “Block”
  7. Enter your PIN/token to block your ATM card instantly

Alternative Ways to Block Your Access Bank ATM Card

In case for any reason, the aforementioned method of blocking your ATM card was not successful, there is an alternative option you may want to try:

  • Reach the Access Bank Customer Care agent by calling the following telephone numbers: +234 12712005, +234 12802500.
  • You can also call Access Bank Toll-free number: 07002255222377; Request for ATM card block and provide every detail the customer Care agent may require.
  • Once you have proven that you are the card’s true owner, your ATM card will be blocked instantly.

Can I Unblock My Access Bank ATM?

In case you were lucky enough to get back your lost debit card, it is possible to unblock or reactivate it if you meet the requirements.

Requirements To Unblock An Access Bank ATM Card?

Below are things needed to unblock your Access Bank ATM:

  • Your full name as it appears in your bank profile
  • Mobile phone number linked to your account.
  • Your Access Bank account number

Steps To Unblock Your Access Bank ATM Card Online

Having all the aforementioned requirements at hand, you can follow these steps to reactivate your debit card:

  1. Visit any Access Bank branch near your house,
  2. Consult a customer care agent
  3. You will be given an Access bank ATM unblock form
  4. Fill-in your details that include:
    1. The access bank branch name
    2. Enter your “Full name” in order of surname, maiden name, and first name
    3. Your mobile phone number.”
    4. Provide your account name and number
    5. Tick “Card Found” at the unblock section on the form.
    6. Append your signature and submit the form to the agent
    7. Your ATM card will be unblocked shortly after the form has been reviewed.

How Long Will It Take To Unblock An Access Bank ATM Card?

It does not take much time to reactivate a blocked ATM card. Once you have filled a form to request ATM unblocking, your card will be unblocked within 24 hours. There are very rare occasions whereby it could take a longer time to complete.


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