How to Activate Glo Sim

To activate your Glo SIM, dial the code 125 using the already registered Glo SIM card and recharge airtime of at least N100.

Glo SIM activation is a quick process that allows your new SIM to make or receive calls and perform other services on the Glo network. A new Glo SIM card after registration requires a few more processes before it can function properly. Sometimes, a SIM can be deactivated, but as we progress, we will outline the steps to activate a deactivated Glo SIM card.

How to Activate Glo SIM

The first stage in getting your Glo SIM activated is registering your SIM through any Glo office or vendor near you. This stage requires certain information and documents as mandated by law. Once they are provided, it will only take a few minutes before your Glo SIM is registered and activated.

There are different methods for Glo new SIM activation and activating a deactivated Glo SIM. As we progress, we will explain how to activate a Glo new SIM and a previously activated SIM, which is deactivated for some reason.

Requirements to Register and Activate New Glo SIM

Before 2022, Glo customers can register their new SIM card before activation with any of the following documents:

  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Voter’s Card
  • Drivers License
  • International Passport

But currently, it is made compulsory that you can only register and activate your Glo SIM card with a National Identification Number. This is the most important document required to register your Glo SIM before moving ahead to activate the SIM.

Glo Activation Code

The code for activating your Glo SIM is 125. Note that the Glo activation code is only important for new Glo SIM cards that are registered. Before dialing the code, the new SIM card must have gone through the registration process of the network.

Is There a Difference Between Activating a New Glo SIM and Activating a Deactivated Glo SIM?

Yes, there is a huge difference between activating a new Glo SIM card and activating a deactivated Glo SIM card. It is easier to activate a new Glo SIM than a deactivated Glo SIM. This is because reactivating a deactivated Glo SIM needs to go through some important verification processes. Below are the steps and what it takes to activate a new Glo SIM and a deactivated Glo SIM.

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How to Activate New Glo SIM

Activation of New Glo SIM can be done through the two steps which are outlined below:

  • Dial 125 using the new Glo SIM card
  • Make an airtime recharge of at least N100 on the new SIM card.

At this point, your new Glo SIM card is totally activated and ready to give out all the services in the Glo network.

How to Activate Glo SIM that is Deactivated

Activate Glo SIM

Glo SIM cards that have been deactivated for one reason or another can be reactivated by walking into any Glo office or Glo outlet. For successful activation of a deactivated Glo SIM in any Glo outlet, ensure you go with the following:

  • Any of the following means of identity:
    • National Identity Number
    • Permanent Voters CardDrivers
    • LicenseInternational Passport
  • Five numbers that are stored in your contact list which you call frequently
  • The SIM card pack serves as evidence of ownership of the deactivated SIM. In a situation where the SIM pack is unavailable, you must get an affidavit to confirm the legal ownership of the SIM.
  • Ensure you have at least N100 for the recharge card after the SIM is activated

Reasons that can Lead to Glo SIM Deactivation

The following are some of the reasons why a SIM card can be deactivated:

  • SIM card damage
  • A user changed SIM numbers for a very long time
  • To prevent any form of intrusion, a SIM card should be deactivated when it is stolen or lost.


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