How Times Fly! You May Feel Very “Old” After Reading This!


Growing up was fun. The plays, the freedom as kids, and the best part, the memories. You must have heard the saying that time flies and I can bet you have never really giving it a thought. You may not even realise how old you have become. You feel young and fresh that you fail to realize that ‘yesterday’ it never the same as ‘today.’ You don’t want to even come to terms with the word, “aging.” But it is there…it exists in our dictionaries and is happening to you with every passing second.

These pictures are a proof/reminder you how old you have grown without knowing it. Happy viewing!

1. If you didn’t watch “Matrix,” you missed a lot. Keanu Reeves is now 50 years old.

2. Microsoft Windows XP was born 13 years ago. Did you realize it has been that long?

3. Snake toy. Can you imagine that it was just “days” ago you stopped playing with this?

4. Which of these phones did you use first? I hope it’s in a museum now…

5. The Y2K celebrations took place 15 years ago and kids born then are in secondary school now, preparing for SSCE. I bet you didn’t realize that.

6. And this…Jelly sandals. You remember them, right?

7. By the 1st of November, 2015, The movie “Titanic” will be 18 years old. A girl born then has a fiancee now… #smiles

8. Aaliyah! You remember her? She died in August 25, 2001 and a child born then is 14 years old now.

9. Back in the day, when you purchase one of this, you will receive visitors everyday for a week…

10. The popular “Brick” game. Did you own one of those?

11. Do you remember this? Does your mother/aunt/sister still wear one of it?


12. This used to be fashion those days in school. When you hook it to your belt holder and put it in your pockets. Na wah o!

13. Do you remember the four-color pen? What was your favorite color?

14. You were there when P-square began. Although it was not their first album, “Get Squared” album was their breakout album and it was released 2005, just 10 years ago.

15. You were also there when 2baba started. They were 3 later became 1. These artists broke up more than 10 years now.

16. Do you still have your “kito” sandals? Remember them? Not too long ago it seems…

17. The last time we saw Pierce Brosnan as James Bond was 12 years back.

18. Nigeria’s democracy is now over 16 years old. It was born in the year 1999.

19. Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone) is over 30 years old and the movie is about 20 years old now.

20. A male child that saw the movie “Terminator 1” when it was released in 1984 should be married by now.

21. NITEL units card. My God…seems like yesterday but it’s almost 16 years since we used them.

22. How many remember this movie, “7 Lucky Kids, All For One…yeah!”

23. What of “Commando” and “Rambo” (First Blood)? Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone gave us sweet memories, but they are old men now. Arnold is 68 and Stallone is 69.