This Is How President Buhari Wants Nigerians To Achieve Their Goals In 2016


It’s amazing how this happens every January yet people still won’t learn to change. Yes! That natural course that thrills everyone, thus the reason President Muhammadu Buhari was voted in. Any change yet? Maybe yes! Change could be positive or negative.

People won’t learn to accept the fact that New Year is only a continuation of the same life lived in the previous year, not a totally different life. Oftentimes, I get cranky when people say stuff like “brand new year”, “brand new life”, “brand new me, “New Year resolutions”, and the rest of those inconsequential blahs.

It’s not out-of-place to wish for change in a new year like 2016, but words without action are mere wishes that will be blown away like chaff in harmattan. What are you going to DO in 2016? It’s the same challenge we are facing with our President; he said this, he said that, he said he would do this and that, has he done them?

A-goal-without action

Having studied both successful and not so successful people, I realize why successful people always achieve their goals, and why the others never manage to get what they want. It really doesn’t matter what we tag the year, what matters is what we DO to achieve our goals for the year. According to Robert Schuller: “If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail”. Believe me when I say President Buhari is working on achieving his set goals for 2016, and he wants every Nigerian to do the same.

How To Achieve Your Goals In 2016

1. Write Down Your Goals & Targets


Deciding your destination before embarking on a trip is one way to ensure that you arrive at the planned destination without missing your way. There is a big difference between just wanting something and having a clearly written plan on how to get it. If you do not have a target, you cannot hit one. Let the vision be clear. Know what you want to achieve, understand it, write it down and set a deadline to get it done. Also remember to make SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

2. Develop a Plan on How to Achieve Them


Ask any successful person about his/her success and s/he will tell you that it was planned and followed through in time. Brainstorm and strategically put down the means and route to get to your destination. Let the plan be sequential; step 1, 2, 3, etc, and final step. Also make a constituency plan; Plan B has always been known to be a Savior just in case plan A fails. Do not let situations take your plans by surprise, rather, surprise life with a workable plan B.

3. Develop a Desire to Achieve these Targets

set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach concept presented on blackboard with color notes and white chalk

People who achieve their goals don’t know what impossible means; therefore you must be stubborn to your dreams. Never say never, don’t give up until you hear the applauds of success. Find out what works for you and identify what doesn’t. Utilize what works and improve on it.

4. Build Up Confidence in Yourself and your Abilities


You can only achieve what you are capable of achieving. Believe that you have what it takes to get that project done and if the job requires you to get an extra skill, go for it. Be the best and believe in yourself. People who achieve their life goals never talk down on themselves, they keep adjusting themselves, fixing their mistakes and learning new skills all the time while trying again. If superman can fly, you too can.

5. Focus

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No one says the journey would be all smooth, but in all, keep riding on. Obstacles will surely come, not to break you though but to test and make you stronger. Brace up, embrace each challenge, learn from it and don’t waver on your course. Remain focused.

6. Take Action


This is the hardest part of achieving any dream. We love to talk about all the amazing things we want to do, but we dread to add action to our words. We can only reap as much as we sow, why not work now and relax later. Life is too short to spend it procrastinating. Do it now!

NB: Information + Confession + Dedication + Action = Good success.

7. Be Responsible


People who achieve their goals take full responsibility for everything that happens in their lives while the other group blames external factors such as the economy, lack of time, misfortune etc. If you are serious about achieving your goals this year then you must learn to be responsible in everything. Don’t blame the government for not giving you the change you anticipate, create the change you want to see.

In as much as President Buhari strives to make us proud in 2016, let’s play our cards well. Let’s plan to achieve our goals as individuals, organizations and Nigeria will achieve her goals for 2016. Have an Awesome 2016 ahead.