How Old Is Charly Boy, Who is His Wife and Where Are His Children?

Charly Boy is a 73 year-old activist, songwriter, actor, producer, publisher, and television presenter. The controversial entertainer, who rose to fame through his TV show, The Charly Boy Show, has been married to Diana Oputa, popularly known as Lady Di, for 45 years.

With his wife, Charly Boy has three children. He however has six other children from other relationships, making it a total of nine children. His children are Anthony Oputa, Yvonne Mimi Oputa, Sylvester McGraine Oputa, Margaret Oputa-Justice, Maggy Awuli Oputa, Joey Oputa, Charles Alexander Oputa, Adaeze Oputa, and Dominique Oputa.

How Old Is Charly Boy?

Born Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, Charly Boy is 73 years old. He was born on June 19, 1950, to Late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa and the late Mrs. Margaret Ntianu Oputa. He is from Oguta in Imo State, meaning that the singer is from the Igbo ethnicity.

Charly Boy’s father was a former Supreme Court Justice, while what his mother did for a living is unknown. He is the second son of the family. The activist had a wonderful childhood with his siblings, though he was tagged as stubborn while growing up. Charly Boy stated that his family was one that allowed everyone to speak their mind no matter what. He grew up in a Catholic home under the watch of his parents.

He Graduated with a Degree in Communication

Information about Charly Boy’s early school years has been kept under wraps. He attended a seminary school for his secondary education with the aim of becoming a priest but dropped out after a year. The activist, in his early teens relocated to the United States of America, where he completed his secondary school studies.

His father sent him to the United States with the aim of becoming a lawyer, but it didn’t turn out so. Instead, Charly Boy diverted and graduated with a degree in communications before he started pursuing a career in entertainment.

He Joined the Nigeria Music Industry in 1982

After he had studied communications, Charly Boy started pursuing a career in music in 1982. He independently released his debut highlife single, Obodo Giri Giri in 1984. The activist climbed the ladder of fame in his career as a musician in 1985 after he released Nwata Miss under Polygram Nigeria. Prior to the release of the song under the record label, his unusual appearance almost cost him the music deal till he met the managing director Ton Seysener, who later signed him.

Charly Boy released his most popular album, titled 1990 in 1988. The album referred to Nigeria’s corrupt military government, which was meant to hand over to civilian rule in the same year, though the civilian rule didn’t start till 1999. The album received mixed reviews and caused national controversy because of its political ambition, which made many radio stations ban playing it in their studios.

Irrespective of the controversies, the album turned out to become one of Nigeria’s best-selling albums in 1988. Nigerians hailed him for using the song as a medium to stand up to the government like the legendary musician Fela Kuti. He collaborated with Seysener to establish the yearly beach concert, Lekki Sunsplash.

Charly Boy has collaborated with his cousin Dr. Alban in releasing songs like Carolina, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Work Work Africa, and Commercial Waste. In 2021, he released Odudubariba for his role in the movie King of Boys: The Return of the King. He has proven his prowess in the Nigerian music industry and served as President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria and an Idol Series judge in 2011.

The Activist Started His Career as a TV Entertainer in 1991

The Charly Boy Show, which added to the fame of the activist, debuted in 1991. It was one of his most popular TV series that ran weekly variety shows, including features on music, comedy, political undertones, and celebrity appearances. The show was split into three key segments namely: This Is Not The News (an ironic news bulletin criticizing celebrities), Candid Camera, and Mama and Papa Nothing Spoil (an arguing elderly couple who give comical answers to viewers’ questions).

The show was launched on NTA channel 5 Lagos and was broadcast on other stations across Nigeria. The cast of the show includes his wife Diane Oputa, Mercy Oyebo, Stella Damasus, Patrick Doyle, Madan ZIZI, and the singing duo Wunmi Obe and Tunde (T.W.O). The show was cancelled 10 years after it started because of a lack of consistent sponsorship.

He Started Writing in 1991

Charly Boy wrote the column Nuts and Screws for the then women’s publication Poise. In 2010, he established New Waves Production and is the publisher of Charly Boy Magazine. He also wrote regularly in his magazine.

Area Fada Made His Acting Debut at The Age of 46

The activist made his movie debut in 1996 in the Nollywood movie Backstab, where he played the role of a gangster. He starred in the blockbuster Nigerian film King of Boys: The Return of The King. He interpreted his role as effortlessly as Odudubariba.

The Charly Boy Kiddies Show

The Charly Boy Kiddies Show is a spin-off from the Charly Boy Show set up by the activist with children as the target audience. The main cast of the show were children who auditioned to be part of the show. It included key segments from the original show, like the Candid Camera, which was starred by young actors.

Just like the parent show, it was canceled because of its inability to gain sponsors. Despite the challenge, the activist launched another show in Abuja in 2010 known as the Charly Boy Kiddies Affair. The show was set u to improve the future of Nigerian children.

He Appeared as a Judge on Nigerian Idol in 2011

Charly Boy joined Nigerian Idol as one of the judges in 2011, replacing Audu Maikori. His appearance on the show with his pet python and, at times, human skulls caused viewers to dislike him, despite the fact that he was doing well as a judge.He stopped appearing as a judge on the show in 2013.

Zoom Time

The Zoom Time show was set up by Charly Boy and co-hosted by Tunde Obe. The show was based on politics and starred entertainers, prominent military men, and politicians. It became famous for its advert that featured politicians riding on an imaginary bike while imitating the sound of the exhaust pipe.

The former Nigerian president, Ibrahim Babangida, was one of the prominent men that were interviewed on the platform. Celebrities like Regina Asika were also interviewed on Zoom Time.

Who is Charly Boy’s Wife, Diane Oputa?

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Charly Boy got married to Lady Diane, also known as Lady Di, an African-American singer and former fashion designer, in 1979. The activist hasn’t had it rosy when it comes to marriage, as he had three failed marriages before he got married to the fashion designer.

The duo met in 1974/1975 in a hair salon in Boston, United States, where she worked when Charly Boy wanted to make his hair. She stated that what attracted her to him was that he was a Nigerian and she had never dated a Nigerian.

Lady Di further stated that he invited her to a fake function, which turned out to be a date in the activist’s limousine. After the date, things took another turn and they started dating. In 1980/1981, she moved down to Nigeria to spend two weeks with him but ended up staying for six months.

The Duo Tied the Knot in 1979

After dating and living together for many years, the duo got married in 1979. Prior to their marriage, it was revealed that Lady D was the one who proposed. Charly Boy, who didn’t have the intention of ending up with her because of tribal differences, had no option but to accept the proposal because she had proven her love for him. According to Charly Boy, she stayed with him in the village when he had nothing, which made him know that she is the one.

Many say that the reason their marriage worked out was that they were birds of the same feathers. The duo got married again in Abuja in 2018, after 39 years of marriage. The wedding ceremony was held at the chapel of the Sisters of Jesus Redeemers Catholic Church, Gwarima Estate, and was graced by close family and friends. She has welcomed three children with Charly Boy and has also been a mother to his other children from other women.

Their Union Has Been Rocked By A Series Of Controversies

Charly Boy is a controversial entertainer who has not kept himself out of the series of controversies surrounding him. He has faced various controversies concerning his sexuality and way of life.

Charly Boy Has Been Alleged To Be Gay

The activist has faced lots of gay rumors despite having been linked to four women. The rumors circulated because of his strange dress sense and lifestyle. He revealed that he has a female name, Linda, and a feminine side. Charly Boy is known to dress like a woman and wear make-up sometimes.

In 2010, he expressed his love for Denrele Edun, a Nigerian media personality whose dress sense and lifestyle have also raised gay speculations. The two were spotted in questionable poses in an article. Being in a country that frowns at homosexuality, the pictures got the public talking. Despite this, Charly Boy couldn’t be tagged as gay because there was no evidence backing it up.

In 2012, the activist cleared the air on his sexuality in an interview, stating that he isn’t gay. He further went on to threaten to sue the national newspapers for publishing that he was attracted to men and a member of the Illuminati. Lady Di, on her part, told Compass Newspaper that all the rumors about her husband’s sexuality and Illuminati membership were all made up.

She stated that the rumor has turned out to become a trend because it has been circulating for a long time. Lady D further stated that people mix her husband’s artistic nature and personal life. In her opinion, her husband has built his brand to stand the test of time and keep people in suspense.

Other Controversies Concerning Charly Boy

Charly Boy’s weird and controversial lifestyle has not ceased to make rounds on social media. The activist stated that he meditates in a coffin, which makes people tag his way of life as satanic. He is known as someone who doesn’t care about how society sees him and has stated that he will continue meditating in his coffin. He stated that he sees himself tomorrow in his casket.

Charly Boy also has a series of tattoos all over his body and is known to wear rings on almost all parts of his body. Apart from this, the lyrics in all his songs are also weird, just like his dress sense and dance steps. However, the activist has no regrets about the type of lifestyle that he has chosen and has expressed how satisfied and fulfilled he is with every aspect of his life. His wife, on her part, said that she accepts her husband and has no problem with his lifestyle.

Charly Boy won His First Award in 2017

For someone who has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment sector, Charly Boy has bagged several awards and recognitions. Below are his awards and recognition:

  • He bagged the City People Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.
  • In 2020, he won the Most Outstanding Social Crusader Award at the NUC Legacy Awards.
  • The activist won the 2022 Man of The Year Awards.

Charly Boy’s Children

Despite being a controversial entertainer, Charly Boy is also a doting father to his nine children and a grandfather to his 16. Having been linked to several women in the past, he welcomed six of his children from his past relationships and three from his wife, Lady D. Below is all there is to know about the children of the activist:

1. Anthony Oputa

Anthony Oputa is one of Charly Boy’s sons from his previous marriage. He is known to be an associate professor at MIT, Boston, USA. The professor is seen to live a private life away from the media as much is not known about him.

2. Yvonne Mimi Oputa

Charly Boy’s eldest lookalike daughter, Yvonne Mimi Oputa, is the eldest daughter of his previous relationship. She is the Executive Director of Taakra Group and the Manager of New Wave Production. Though Yvonne is currently single, she has a child from her previous relationship. She is seen to be in full support of her father’s controversial lifestyle.

3. Sylvester McGraine Oputa

Sylvester McGraine, also known as Sly Foxx, is one of the sons of Charly boy born to him by Mary McGraine, an American he was once linked to. Sylvester was born on April 10, 1980, in the United States of America. He is a DJ, producer, writer, and videographer based in Houston, US.

Sylvester has been making rounds in the entertainment industry in Houston. He is married and has welcomed a son with his wife.

4. Margaret Oputa-Justice

Margaret Oputa-Justice is one of the activist’s daughters from his previous relationships who shares the same name with his mother. She is also seen to keep information about herself away from the prying eyes of the public.

5. Maggy Awuli Oputa

Maggy Awuli Oputa is one of the activist’s older children from his previous relationships. She graduated with a degree from the University of Massachusetts and resides in Boston. Maggy is a bodybuilder in America and competes in major competitions in the country.

Despite being a mother of seven, she still maintains her athletic figure. Charly Boy is constantly gushing over his daughter on his Instagram account.

6. Joey Oputa

Joey Oputa is one of Charly Boy’s sons from his previous relationships. He is seen to live a private life away from the media as information about him is kept under wraps.

7. Charles Alexander Oputa Jr.

This is one of Charly Boy’s sons, born to him by his wife Lady D. He is a fashion designer and owns a retail therapy fashion lounge in Abuja. The lounge deals in classy, costly women’s shoes and exotic wines. He is seen to shuffle between Nigeria and Atlanta US to keep u with his business. Unlike his father, he has no body piercings, tattoos, or weird clothes.

8. Adaeze Oputa

Adaeze Oputa is the first daughter of Charly Boy and Lady Diane. She graduated from South Carolina State University with an honors Bachelor’s degree in International Business Relations (public marketing and advertising concentration). Adaeze also obtained an MBA in Management Information Systems. She works in Education Management (for profit educational sector) as an Associate Director on the Admission Board.

Adaeze also hosts and produces an entertainment TV show known as Entertainment Scoop on Fuxion Television in Atlanta. She is happily married to Mr. Metu Anu from Imo State and has welcomed five children with him. She revealed that she has a small tattoo that she got as a result of peer pressure when she was much younger. She is seen to be comfortable with her father’s lifestyle and gives him her support.

9. Dominique Oputa

Dominique Oputa, also known as Dewy Oputa, is the second daughter of Charly Boy and Lady D born on September 13 sometime in the 1980s. She is the last child in the family of the activist who has gained fame due to her sexuality. Adaeze graduated with a degree in Fashion and Design from the University of Arts Institute Atlanta. She is the CEO of ByDewy, a stylist, model, and costume designer.

Adaeze is the only child of Charly Boy that followed the steps of her father’s weird dressing. She has lots of tattoos and body piercings. The stylist also made headlines when she came out to announce that she was a lesbian. Her father showed his support for her decision and the LGBT community as a whole.


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