Get Away Grey: How Multi-Vitamins Can Help Deal With Grey Hair


A health company called Get Away Grey has discovered and manufactured a nutra-ceutical multivitamin tablet which prevents the growth of grey hair and also reverses already existing ones. The product is an alternative to the use of hair dyes, which is not so healthy as it contains irritating and potentially toxic chemicals.

Unlike hair dyes that are applied on the surface to cover grey hair temporarily, GetAwayGrey is orally taken and deals with the parent cause of grey hair – hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for removing pigment from hair before it starts growing. The product promises to fight grey hair, as well as offers healthier, darker and thicker hair.

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Grey Hair solution

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According to the manufacturers of the supplement, some people see a reversal of grey hair in about 8 weeks, while others may not see a change for up to 12 weeks, due to the differing levels of naturally-occurring catalase. However, it took just six-weeks for Mrs. Adams, a testimonial user, to see improvement in her hair’s color and texture after starting GetAwayGrey.

Most hair dye products that offer similar benefits use unhealthy chemicals, and other artificial substances that may have adverse effect on a long term use.  According to Rob Duner-Fenter, CEO of GetAwayGrey, he says they are confident in the efficacy of the product and offer a money-back guarantee should any customers not see evidence of the product working within twelve weeks.

This product is indefinitely a saving grace for most Nigerians who do not want to be seen as elders. For people seeking to prevent or stop grey hair, rather than dying or covering, GetAwayGrey combines science and nature to create an all natural grey hair solution. If Wole Soyinka did not have his grey hair as a trademark, I would have recommended a bottle of this multivitamins for him. Obama, I guess, will surely need this. Anyways, you can find GetAwayGrey in big Pharmacy and Cosmetic Shops across the country, or better still, visit Amazon to make a direct order.

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