Buzz Spotlight: Meet Hope Desrey – The Talented Nigerian Female Artist


There is just something about art and talent that wakes me up within; the moment I stumbled upon the strokes by the talented Hope Desrey, I just had to get an exclusive interview to showcase her God gifted craft to the world.

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The truth is I’m a sucker for talent and when I see young ladies excel in that department, it brightens me up! So who’s Hope Desrey?

About Hope Desrey

Hope Desrey is a 28-year-old female artist from Benue State, Nigeria. She’s the second child in a family of 6 and professionally started painting 7 years ago. Ever since she started painting professionally, the journey has seen her participate in group exhibitions locally and internationally.

Hope is an active member of the Female Artist Association of Nigeria (FEAAN) and the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA). To her, painting is something which should be done from the soul, so as to not just entertain or decorate, but rather inspire.

Painting is a passion Hope has developed and still sees herself developing. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but the truth is enough passion and determination is all it takes to get the ball rolling and that’s the code she lives by.

Her Art

Hope Desrey

Hope Desrey works with some of the most popular mediums from oils to water-based paints on canvas, paper, board etc you name it and she will most likely paint it. She started as an abstract artist and has now verged into Realistic and hyper-realistic art.

Growing Up

Hope grew up in a pretty loud environment where she could only breathe in isolation. To her, being the second child of 6 children was pretty overwhelming, she still remembers the small fight, pranks, rough plays and loud laughter; she was the most subtle and outwardly fragile one of the bunch.

Growing up, Hope was known to be the curious one, and now her curiosity and search for clarity has driven her into an unrecognized world.


Hope is a graduate of the University of Maiduguri, Borno State. Though she studied Sociology and Anthropology art remains her first love.

Written Words By Hope

Hope Desrey

Hope is not just talented when it comes to her brush, she’s also good with words, below is a piece called Silent Screams by the artist:

I had a dream today

That I was a non-person


Everything seemed so distant

So I created my own paradise

One minute I am a butterfly and the next

Something unknown

Strange the things I remember

The faces

The places

I have always felt I have lived  a life different from other men

I hear my name

I hear the call far beyond the worlds

From a distance I feel the presence

the power of something bigger than I am

Am I supposed to answer

To respond somehow

The weight lays heavier each  passing day

I am stuck in the middle of serene weightlessness


Here she plays around with the idea of being a human who dreams to be an alien or an alien who dreams to be a human. I can relate with her on this piece as we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we question who we are or the direction we are heading.

Some Of Her Paintings

Hope Desrey

Hope Desrey

Hope Desrey

Hope Desrey

For more info on Hope and contact detail, follow her on Instagram @desrey46 or like her page on Facebook: Hope-Desrey Art Gallery

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