Hillary Clinton Recovers From Pneumonia, Back on Campaign


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recovers from a bout of pneumonia.

Hillary was compelled to put a hold on her campaign due to an episode of pneumonia that saw her coughing during campaign speeches in the past week.

She returned to the presidential campaign trail on Thursday, making a confident first public appearance since her forced four-day rest.

A beaming Hillary took to the stage to the sound of I Feel Good by James Brown on Thursday, insisting she was fully recovered.

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The former secretary of state appeared rested and spoke calmly, without the cough that interrupted recent her appearances.

Speaking to a crowd of student supporters at the University of North Carolina, Hillary told her supporters:

“Being on the trail does not encourage reflection.

“It’s important to sit with your thoughts every now and again and this helped me to reflect on what this campaign is all about.”

Hillary Clinton Recovers From Pneumonia, Back on Campaign

Seizing the occasion, Hillary turned her experience into a renewed call for better provision of healthcare and family leave for Americans.

She continued:

“For millions of moms and dads, if they get sick there is no backup, they are on their own.

“That’s the story for too many people in America.”

Clinton had in recent weeks been seen to be frail and in poor health. She, however, had hoped to “power through” it without having to take time off.

Clinton confessed that she will never be the showman that Trump is.

But she strongly affirmed that despite all the accusations against her, she was not going to quit.

Earlier rival Donald Trump, made his most explicit reference yet to Hillary’s health, releasing medical records boasting of his ability to “endure”.

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Trump while disclosing his report boasted that he could endure, uninterrupted, the rigors of a punishing and unprecedented presidential campaign.

Quite unlike herself, the frail-looking Hillary Clinton recovers and returns to hectic campaign schedule.

Trump’s physical examination also revealed the 70-year-old Republican to be overweight.

He, however, claimed he had bolstered his physical condition by giving speeches on the campaign trail.

In his typical boastful tone, Trump said:

“It’s a lot of work you know.

“When I’m speaking in front of 15, 20,000 people and I’m up there using a lot of motion, I guess in its own way it’s a pretty healthy act.

“A lot of times these rooms are really hot, like saunas and I guess that’s a form of exercise.”