Health Check: 7 Warning Signs That You’re Unhealthy


Your body naturally gives you a lot of warning signs if you’re living an unhealthy life style, but the problem is, you either don’t have a clue of the changes in your body or you choose to ignore it.

Just as many of us would turn blind eyes to symptoms of diseases affecting our body, most of us are equally aware that we shouldn’t be shoveling junk foods and drinks down our throats at the slightest opportunity, completely ignoring our bodies’ primal urges for exercise and get into shape.

Therefore the word “unhealthy” is truly striking at some serious concerns to our overall physical and mental integrity. So how would you tell if you’re unhealthy? Here are seven tell-tale signs to find out your health status, and please! try and do something about it.

1. You Have Bad Skin

This is the part where “you are what you eat” comes into play. A poor diet can badly affect your skin quality, showing skin blemishes like stretch marks, excessive dry skin, acne or even your skin complexion. Your skin quality is a sure-fire way to get a reading on your overall level of health.

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2. You Can’t Sleep

If you have difficulty getting a good night sleep, that can be an indication that some aspects of your life needs to be adjusted. You could either be eating the wrong foods, ingesting too much caffeine and not expelling enough energy through body exercise or other hard work. And being able to sleep presents serious mental and physical issues.

3. Notice Changes In Your Body Waste

It’s important to take note of your urine which is suppose to be pale yellow colour, and hopefully, odourless as well. As for your bowel movement frequency, there’s a wide range. But if you’re going regularly, you’re probably fine. And don’t ignore the grimy details.

4. Constant Cracked Lips

If your lips are constantly chapped, and you find that you can’t live without lip balm, that’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to adjust your nutrient intake. Cracks at the corners of your mouth are sometimes caused by a shortage of B vitamins or zinc. With long-term cracks, a fungal infection may set in. Treatments for oral thrush may help.

5. Your Nails Are Gnarly

If the condition of your lips wasn’t a solid enough indicator, your finger and toe nails can also give you a heads-up if you’re unhealthy.  nails that are pale at the cuticle and brownish-red at the tip could mean your kidneys are struggling.

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6. You’re Always Hot Or Cold

Besides environmental factors which makes your hands and feet cold, abnormal cold hands or feet might mean that you’re having circulation issues, and that your body isn’t getting blood where it needs to go. If this is a chronic issue, have it checked out.

7. Your Thinking Isn’t Sharp

It’s becoming quite clear that our cognitive ability and brain health are closely tied to our physical condition. That means that obesity and elevated levels of body fat can have a significant impact on our ability to think and reason. So, if you can’t formulate a potent thought, it may be a sign that it’s time to drop some weight.

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