HEALTH CHECK: Proof That You Have Been “Pooping” The Wrong Way All Along


If you were born with a silver spoon, that is if you have always lived in affluence, or a part of the Western civilization, then there is a 99% chance that you have been damaging your rectum without knowing it. This will come as a surprise to most people. But the truth is, toilet posture has a profound effect on ease of pooping and digestive health. Sitting erect on a water cistern while pooing has been found to be generally unhealthy. Scientists from Stanford University in Stanford, California have come up with claims, according to research that our body is created in such way that it’s more natural for it to squat while pooping than to sit. Now, if you are a fan of the BM (Bush Method) or you are accustomed to pit toilet a.k.a. “Latrine,” then you have been doing yourself a world of good. When you take a look at very old toilets, you start to see it making sense. Some studies have even tied incorrect pooping posture to intestinal disorders, appendicitis, hernias and even some cancers.

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In a study, researchers observed a group of healthy people pooping in three alternate positions. Sitting on Low toilets, sitting on a higher one and the third group were squatting. They did not only record how long it took them, but also how much effort it took. It was however found out that the squatting position took less time and effort than the other positions.

A globally recognized medical text called Bockus”s Gastroenterology (1964), affirms that the squatting position is the perfect posture for defecation and the thighs need to be fixed upon your abdomen. This is precisely the exact same way that our ancestors used to expel waste products from their bodies.

According to the picture above, sitting on a toilet is an unnatural act for healthy elimination. For one thing, it changes the angles of the lower digestive tract in nasty ways. When we sit on a standard toilet, the anorectal angle remains somewhat compromised at about 100 degrees, but in a squatting position, the angle straightens out to about 126 degrees, allowing for faster and easier elimination. Besides, squatting rather than sitting could also help prevent illnesses like hemorrhoids, constipation, colon cancer, GERD, appendicitis, IBS, hiatal hernias, pelvic organ prolapse and diverticulosis.

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Are we saying people should discard their water cisterns and revert to “latrines,” certainly not! Older people and those with back and knee problems or muscle weakness in their legs would likely find squatting extremely challenging. Since this is the case, the Squatty Potty device offers people an alternative that allows them to sit on a traditional toilet without straining their back, knees or legs.

This video might be a helpful guide. Watch:

There are a number of health benefits of pooping in the squatting position:

1. It allows an  easier and faster excretion of fecal matter

2. It prevents stagnation of waste and therefore allows you to really clean your body, thus removing risk of colon cancer

3. It prevents waste from re­-entering and contaminating small intestine

4. It keeps your pelvic floor protected, improving general prostate health and bladder control

5. It keeps your nerves in the groin area protected, improving muscle control while preventing unnecessary stretching

6. It removes pressure on the uterus

7. It trains women in natural delivery