25 Healing Benefits of Ginger: Why You Should Eat It Everyday


Ginger, a flowering plant popularly used as a spice, has roots that are also used as medicine. Its several health benefits have been the major reason nutritionists and doctors advice their patients to take a lot of it.

So, why exactly do you get from eating ginger – especially its roots – everyday.

The herbaceous perennial plant is indigenous to south China, before its spread to the Spice Islands, other parts of Asia and subsequently to West Africa – especially Nigeria.

Ginger contains a number of useful properties which help in the cure of various health issues. It can be consumed as food supplement and as tea. It can also help reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome and is essential in weight loss, as it activates the digestive juices and improves the functions of the digestive system.

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Right from ancient times, ginger root has been used to heal a wide range of ailments. Modern researchers documented a number of them, and with this knowledge, the consumption of ginger has increased tremendously. Here are the most prominent uses, health benefits and healing power of ginger root.

1. Ginger Reduces Fat

Losing weight and staying slim is one significant status positive people love and ginger helps achieve that. Ginger is used as a fat burner and food supplement which increases vitality and facilitates the melting of fat. When taken as tea, ginger makes you feel full, thereby reducing your food intake and lowering your total caloric consumption.

2. Ginger Reduces Cellular Swelling

An experiment within November 2011, “Food and Chemical Toxicology” found the impact of ginger on cellular swelling. The exposure of cells to an active ingredient in ginger decreased swelling by raising the creation of a very specific protein. People who experience swellings in their legs are advisable to take ginger tea twice daily – first meal in the morning and last thing at night.

3. Fights Cancer

Ginger has been proven to tackle cancer – not all kind of cancer though,  but particularly, ovarian cancer. Studies have proven that ginger fights against ovarian cancer, making the cells assault and terminate themselves in the presence of the herbal root.

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4. Protects Against Alzheimers

Regular intake of ginger helps restore memory in mild cases of Alzheimer disease, but when it grows into the chronic stage of dementia, it can not offer much help. In case there is a trace of Alzheimer in your family pedigree, you should consider early consumption of ginger to reduce the future effect.

Researchers have proven that ginger helps to slow down the reduction of brain cells that act as precursors to Alzheimer’s disease. Ginger will conserve and protect these cells, thereby increasing your level of remembrance, recognition in the future.


5. Increases Salivation

Low level of saliva in the mouth may lead to dental complications, and taking ginger makes the salivary glands more productive. In a research, rats were injected with ginger water and they produced more saliva within seven minutes.

6. Kills Germs

In a Chemistry and Biodiversity research, an evaluation proved the strength of wild ginger on two kinds of microbes. The investigators exposed four strains of fungi and five strains of bacteria to ginger extracts throughout just one testing session. The wild ginger readily killed both sorts of germs. You can use ginger water to treat vaginal infections and skin irritations caused by bacteria.

7.  Protects Your Liver

A toxin was first received by laboratory animals known to cause liver damage. Ginger was administered to half the animals – rats – and after subsequent observations, these selected lab rats didn’t demonstrate the damage observed in their colleagues that were not fed with ginger.  Although the non-affected rats were given ginger in large doses they stayed safe from liver damage.

8. Helps Ulcers

According to a research done by students of California College of Ayurveda, ginger has the ability to cure experimental ulcers. They induced ulcers in laboratory rats, then administered ginger to them. After 3 days, they saw decreased ulceration and an increase in healing.

9. Stimulates Appetite

People who have poor digestive systems and want to upgrade it should resort to including ginger in their meal and also take it as tea. Improper digestion of foods makes them ferment in your gastrointestinal tract and may lead to weight gain, but with ginger, you don’t have to worry about that.

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