How To Download and Watch Nigerian Hausa Movies Online For Free

Hausa Movies of all genres are some of the most educative, interesting and action packed Nigerian films you can ever watch. While there are Mp4, DVD, and other formats of these movies, those are a little bit inconveniencing if you are traveling to the foreign country or you are constantly in transit. With the inception of the internet and its penetration, it is possible to watch movies online using your personal desktop computer, laptop or any other device that can play such media.

Hausa movies are available online in a variety of dedicated websites. It is possible to stream the movies from these websites. Some even provide an option to download the movie streaming directly from their feeds. If you are a fan of the Hausa movies then you have the opportunity to download and watch them online. In this article, you will find ways to download and watch Hausa movies online.

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Hausa Movies Download and Streaming Options

Before we delve into discussing the steps to follow if you want to download and stream Hausa movies online, you need to consider a few things. First, three options are there for you to consider; free public domains, sponsored and paid Hausa movie websites. While you can still find great quality Hausa movies free, the chances are slim and you will be limited in choice.

The sponsored sites are essentially free but as you stream the movies, you will be interrupted by a variety of advertisements that are in most cases annoying. These movies are usually current and very high quality but you may not enjoy them because of the interruptions occasioned by the commercials. If you do not mind these adverts then sponsored websites are better options for you to download and watch Hausa movies.

Paid options give you the flexibility to choose very high-quality HD movies depending on how much you can raise. It is also important to remember that you can only access old or classic Hausa movies from the public domains. On the other hand, paid sites usually have the latest, most current movies.

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The second issue you need to consider is the legality of the site where you want to stream or download Hausa movies. Hackers can do anything and one of their targets is private websites that store movies for restricted access. They can create fake passwords and codes either to allow you to access the movies to their advantage or to hurt a competitor. Always stay on the right side of the law and deal with the legal websites.

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Tips on How to Download and Watch Online Hausa Movies – Step by Step

Step 1: Find a reputable legal Hausa movie streaming website

If you type in the popular search engines the phrase “watch and download Hausa movies online,” you will be surprised at just how many results will appear. The rule of search engines is that the higher the quality of a website, the higher will it be ranked on the search engine results page (SERPs). The first three to five results represent the websites, which can give you quality Hausa movies. You may need to be specific as to which option fits your situation. Thus, when searching for the best website, include keywords such as free, sponsored or paid.

Step 2: Search for the Hausa movie you intend to watch

Classic movies are easy to find because there is enough information on them. However, new ones may not be as easy know. You need to find a website that will offer information regarding the new Hausa movie releases. One website that will give you a detailed description of these movies

This is a collaborative wiki-based web page and directory created for the dissemination of accurate and organized information about Hausa movies. This website gives you an opportunity to access filterable/easy to sort a list of Hausa films, list of their directors, producers, musicians, actresses as well as actors among others. It has news and links that relate to the Hausa movie industry.

Step 3: Find movie on your favourite streaming website

Once you find your favourite movie, then you can go to the site you identified in step one and look for it. If you have some download enhancing or managing programs installed on your computer and integrated into your browser, you can download the same movies you are streaming or click on the download buttons and follow the process. For paid sites, you may be needed to pay some money before you can access the files to download or stream.


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