OMG! Young Woman Breaks The Internet With Her Extra-Large Natural Boobs


As hard as it is to believe that a woman’s breasts can be as big as the biggest size of watermelon you’ve ever seen, it is actually true. We are not talking about a pair of silicon-stuffed boobs, I mean very natural! Not convinced? Keep reading…. Netherlands’ amateur model, Haruhi Miwako,  is a Dutch amateur model whose breast size is a whopping 38T and it’s still growing! As a matter of fact, she has the biggest boobs on social media.

The mind-blowing size of Miwako’s boobs seems to have carved a niche for her in the society as men across the world storm her page and website to feed their inquisitive eyes as she flaunts it for her over 149,000 followers on her Instagram page.

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Haruhi Miwako Breaks The Internet With Her Massive Natural Boobs

Her website has the message below for visitors:

“Hello you,

“Thank you for showing interest in me. Now let me tell you something about me. I am HaruHi MiWaKo (Himiwako) and am blessed by Mother Nature to look the way that I do. I enjoy life and I hope you do too!

“Gaming, anime, playing the violin and piano are amongst the favourite things I like to do. What I like doing most is making people smile, just by walking down the street, or by playing games with an audience.

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“My growth started March 2013 and it has been growing in varying stages throughout the years. It does not bother me that they are this huge, they are healthy and that’s what matters. Back pain is something I do not suffer from, and I do wear custom bra’s, so shopping for lingerie is quite the challenge.

“I hope you folks will follow me on my journey through life and I wish you get some insight in what it’s like to live with the genetic gifts that have been given to me.”

This is woooow!