Popular Nigerian Actor Hanks Anuku Changes Nationality For This Reason


It has come to the public that popular Nigerian veteran actor Hanks Anuku has left Nigeria for good and changed his nationality to Ghanaian.

Hanks Anuku has finally relocated from his home country to nationalize in Ghana. He has also changed his name to Nana Kwame Fifi Kakra Anuku, having fully embraced Ghana as his adopted country.

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According to a report by Ghana Creative Arts who granted Hanks an interview, the Igbo brother says he is going to stay in Ghana for the rest of his life in order to help Ghanaians. The actor said the reason he left Nigeria was due to the series of crisis and instability in the country. 

Mr. Anuku also revealed that he sent his family to London while he chose stay in Ghana to hustle.

Hanks Anuku

Popular Nigerian Actor Hanks Anuku Changes Nationality To Ghanaian For This Reason

Thecableng tweeted Hanks Anuku saying that “God told me to leave Nigeria… I have found peace in Ghana.”

A tweet from @Brown_Chynah also comfirmed that Hanks Anuku is a now Ghanaian.

Hanks Anuku is an Easthern Nigerian who was born in Ibadan. He attended Loyola College Ibadan and Auchi Polytechnic and graduated in 1981 before moving to the United States of America. 

According to Hanks, who is known for his bad boy roles and American returnee roles in most films he featured in, his aim of moving to the Ghana industry is to help build up the children to make them comfortable in exploring their talents.

He urged upcoming artistes to be dedicated, shun rumor mongering or be jealous of one another because everybody is a star provided they identify their talent and develop it. 

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The heavy racing motor bike lover adopted his American accent during his stay in the States before returning to Nigeria.

However, he is deeply rooted in the African culture and loves his people dearly. In some throwback interview with the press, Hanks disclosed that before he joined Nollywood, he had played some movie roles abroad. According to him, he was introduced to the Nigerian movie industry by Regina Askia and his first movie was an Igbo Freak titled ‘The Skeleton.’

Hanks has featured in several Nollywood movies like the senator 1&2, ‘The Senatorium,’ ‘My Love’, ‘Desperados,’ ‘Broad Day Light and other best sellers.

Although he has been stereotyped to playing the tough guy, Hanks says he is a versatile actor and can perfectly interpret any role given to him.

Now Ghanaian, Nigerians wish him all the best in his newly adopted home.

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