Halima Abubakar Condemns The Idea Of Child Bearing Before Marriage


Having children before marriage does not speak well of a decent African woman and Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, has insisted that she would never consider the idea, even if she is running late for marriage.

Premarital sex has always been a taboo in Africa, yet the percentage of people who indulge in it and parents who encourage their sons to ‘sample’ their girlfriend’s fertility is increasing per minute. This factor is one outstanding cause of pre-marital childbirths in Nigeria.

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In an interview with Punch News, Halima Abubakar gave a quick response to her critics who won’t let her rest because she is yet to settle down at her age.

The 31-year old Kano-born actress says she still has nine fertile years before she reaches menopause. According to her, marriage is not something to rush into. She cited examples of failed marriages which occurred due to pressure placed on people around them and of course as a celebrity, the pressure is usually more.

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

“Everybody thinks one should get married from age 18. A lot of marriages are complicated. Marriage will come when it will come, one doesn’t need to force it. People are getting divorced with pregnancies because they got married under pressure. We should let people be.”  

“People are saying if you are not getting married, go and get kids because menopause is approaching. What kind of thing is that? Is it your menopause? I still have about nine years before I hit menopause all things being equal. I am not one of those people who will kill themselves because of marriage. I can’t have kids outside marriage.” 

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Wondering why lots of Nigerians in their 30’s are being pestered to get married? African parents are a sucker for grandchildren and will stop at nothing to see theirs before they go to their graves.

Halima, who is known for her role in “Men In Love,” claims to be a virgin and still do not understand why her fans are paranoid at that claim and status. According to her, not everyone who is an actress is “bad” and having a boyfriend is not a guarantee that someone is engaging in sexual activities.