I Will Never Date UNILAG Girls In My Life Again – Nigerian Guy Shares His Bitter Experience


Coming across stories of UNILAG girls who leave a bitter taste in the tongues of men that could better be described as their victims, have become unsurprising considering the spate at which these guys churn out stories of their horrible experiences with these daughters of Eve.

Sharing one of such pathetic stories on the Instagram page of joroolumofin, a guy who went on a date with a UNILAG lady shared his encounter on how heartless she was to him after the date.

He wrote:


“Evening Joro, am never going to date any Unilag girl again in my life. My children dear not bring them home. I want to share my story. I took this girl out on a date. For trips and all, I spent over 70k in one night. I didn’t mind. I had the money.

“On my way to drop her at home, my car had a fault, she offered to call her cab guy who showed up in less than 20 minutes. She said let her go with the cab man that she will bring her mechanic. This was still around 6.30pm, in my mind I was so impressed, I said to myself, Maybe she’s the one for me.

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“Bro, I waited for 2 hours she didn’t call or pick up. Next thing her phone went off. By the time it was 8pm and dark, I took a yellow taxi home.

“I was still worried about her when I saw pictures of her on her friend snap. They were at Hard Rock Cafe lekki having fun. I said to myself, this girl is not of God.

“Do you know it’s been two weeks and she never contacted me to see if am alive or dead. I pity the men who will marry some girls. Have learnt.

Corroborating the story, another man said he had switched from UNILAG girls to other female students in private Universities because they are easier to maintain than their UNILAG counterparts who carry POS machines about ready to drain men’s bank accounts.

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