Gun Spree: 3 Persons Feared Dead in Ogoni Land of Rivers state


Yesterday, there was a heavy gun battle in Bori, Rivers State, between soldiers and militants suspected to be supporters of ex-militant leader, Solomon Ndigbara.

According to a report, three lives were lost at the home town of the embattled ex-militant, Yeghe in Gokana, where the incidence took place. The three youths were killed as a result of a shoot-out between the military and some armed cultist when the military invaded the family house of Solomon who has been hiding from security forces.

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In the meantime, the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, has been shut down following the gun duel, as the government does not want to endanger the lives of students and staff of the institution. The Nigerian Army, 2 Brigade Command, Port-Harcourt, is still investigating the crisis and will come up with more information about the gun spree that happened in Ogoni, Rivers state.

An eyewitness in Bori said,

No movement in Bori now, as Shops are locked, market is deserted. Many people have sustained injuries from stray bullets.

Meanwhile, just less than a month ago, President Muhammadu Buhari had vowed to clean up Ogoni land and other parts of Niger Delta which has been damaged by oil spillage. He said this during a speech in Kenya at the United Nations Office, stating that it was one of the first tasks he authorized when he assumed office in May, 2015.

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In 1957, Shell discovered oil in Ogoni Land and exploited it until the company was forced out in 1993 due to oil spillage and pollution in 1993. In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released its Environmental Assessment of Ogoni land and made some recommendations to the government, the oil and gas industry and communities to begin a comprehensive cleanup of Ogoni land, restore polluted environments and put an end to all forms of ongoing oil contamination in the region. Unfortunately, crisis is beginning to carry out an ironical clean up of the land.

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