Zimbabwe’s First Lady Declares Herself President


Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe has tipped a cue to take over from her husband, Robert Mugabe by saying she is already the president.

Mrs. Mugabe reportedly told Zanu-PF women’s league she was already Zimbabwe’s president. She said there was no point in her fighting to be the country’s vice-president, a lesser position, when she was already running state affairs because she “plans and does everything with President Robert Mugabe”.


Grace Mugabe is currently the secretary of Zanu-PF women’s league, a position she has occupied since 2014.

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Mashonaland West Zanu-PF women’s league chairperson, Angeline Muchemeyi confirmed this saying: “The first lady said – I’m the wife of the president, I’m the president already … I plan and do everything with the president, what more do I want, for now, the position of the women boss is enough.”

According to reports at the weekend, the first lady’s vice-president ambitions had been reportedly “put on hold” after the Mashonaland West Zanu-PF women’s league raised questions about issue of quota system in the presidium, saying it should be avoided.

Grace Mugabe’s announcement is coming after her husband declared his intention to “retire” to save Zimbabwe from its “financial crisis” over the weekend.

Though the 91-year-old leader did not put a timeline on when he would go, he, however, said he would retire properly because Zimbabwe was in a financial crisis.

Also, reports allege that the governing Zanu-PF has been lobbying for Grace to take over the reins when her husband eventually decides to leave office after being in power for more than 30 years.

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Grace’s new announcement has raised concern that she still influences the president’s decisions, especially in policies that affect the country. Months back, Mugabe himself admitted to being ‘told what to do’ by Grace who forced him to prematurely end his speech during the Zanu PF National Conference in Victoria Falls last year.