Woman Runs Mad As She Discovers She’s Been Married To A Dead Man


I’ve always seen thing like this happening in movies but this one really happened in reality. A woman identified as Mrs. Grace Amadi, has reportedly gone mad due to a shocking discovery which proved that her husband of six years with whom she had two children is a dead man who had died some years before they even met and got married.

According to reports on LeadersNG, Grace who had been married to her husband identified as Tony since 2010, was said to have lived peacefully with him. The couple had their two daughters in 2011 and 2013 and lived in waterside in old Port Harcourt town, where Tony also had a job he went to every morning.

Grace found out about the death of her husband sequel to a visit from someone who alleged to be his distant relative, who had come to the house when Tony had left for work.

The visitor’s exact conversation with Grace could not be extracted from either of them as the visitor left shortly before Mrs. Grace started screaming in disbelief, fear and anger, while also throwing herself on the ground repeatedly in a bid to inflict injuries on herself.

A source at the scene says neighbors gathered round and saw old pictures of Tony lying on the floor, apparently left behind by the visitor for Mrs. Grace.

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Woman, Grace Amadi, Runs Mad As It’s Revealed She’s Been Married To A Dead Man

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According to the neighbours, the pictures brought by Tony’s relative showed one where he was married to another woman in May 2000, another one where he was in a car accident that claimed his life, and another one where he was laid-in-state as a dead man during his funeral in July 2002, the last picture was one of his grave’s headstone which also showed his full name with birth and death dates.

Unable to swallow the bitter pill, some people tried to reach Mr. Tony by phone but they all proved abortive as his number was not reachable. A delegation of neighbors were also sent to his office to bring him back but the delegation returned empty-handed and revealed that he never arrived at the office that morning as he drove out for work from his house.

Grace Amadi has been taken to a local prayer house for ‘spiritual treatment’, while the neighbours have taken her children to care for them.