“Some Governors Spend Public Funds Like Personal Money” – Says Jibril Aminu


Nigeria’s Former Minister of Petroleum, Professor Jibril Aminu, voiced out his concern with regards to some Nigerian governors who spend national funds like it was their personal money. This statement was made during his speech at the 3rd edition of Adamawa Community Dialogue, organised by an NGO, Adamawa Community Advancement Initiative (ACAI).

Meanwhile, just last week, Sahara Reporters published a list of fifteen Top Nigerians Who Own Properties In Dubai. They were working according to directives from President Buhari by diplomats in UAE, who had urged a compilation of the list between now and the end of March 2016.

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In same spirit, the Former Minister of Petroleum, has related to the issue of embezzlement and squandering of public funds. He said for Nigeria to move forward, structures should be put in place to check governors, and other people in power, who are fond of collecting and spending the state’s resources without passing through due processes needed to approve such funds. He condemned both the governors who are guilty of the act, as well as the country that tolerate them.

“A governor just send for the Accountant-General, who very often is his best friend; maybe his cousin too to bring money,” he said.

According to Professor Jibril Aminu, he had in the past commented on the excesses of governors, who tagged “Hijackers.” They hijack council funds and even attempted to control the federal government through the governors’ forum. Aminu also encouraged his fellow Nigerians not to be discouraged by the current challenges facing the nation but to stand strong and stay determined to reject negative thinking and work towards nation building.

“We are rich, our people are intelligent and we have all the potentials,” Aminu said. (NAN)

Also, during the meeting which held in Yola, the former senator and PDP chieftain lauded ACAI for its effort to promote unity and good governance in Adamawa. He urged the organisation not to hold back on its efforts to ensure that the state and nation’s resources were properly utilized for the benefit of the people. He condemned politics of sentiments, saying that those promoting such sentiments use it as screen to cover up their failure.

“Ethnicity, religion and other pettiness are all symptoms of non performance; people who fail use ethnicity and religion as something to hang on,’’ he said.

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