Government To Offer Free Healthcare To 100 Million Nigerians


The Federal Government through its Health Minister, Prof. Isaac Adewole has promised to offer free healthcare to 100 million Nigerians in the next two years under the country’s new health agenda.

Access to free antenatal and delivery services, particularly at the primary healthcare level, will be enjoyed by pregnant women across Nigeria, as government would revitalize the primary healthcare services and adopt “the universally accepted concept of one primary healthcare center per political ward.”

The Minister said the federal government would first deliver 110 primary healthcare centers in the next three months across the country.

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Prof. Adewole made this known during a TV broadcast interview, in his words;

“Women with uncomplicated pregnancy and those with uncomplicated past will be expected to visit the primary healthcare centers.

“The primary healthcare facilities, will be managed by nurses, mid-wives and village workers so as to accommodate cultural differences in different parts of Nigeria.

“One of the things we want to do under the revitalized PHC program is that each of these revitalized, reinvigorated PHC will have an industrial borehole so that we can offer water to the people, clean drinkable water.

“There will be solar electricity so we can have the ability to keep our vaccines in safe conditions. We will then use this new reinvigorated primary healthcare centers for the focus of community development nationwide.”

The Minister also said the federal government was planning to change the national health insurance from being voluntary to compulsory and universal, so that the “healthy will care for the sick and the rich will care for the poor.”

Reiterating President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration was different from other past administrations in Nigeria, Prof. Adewole said;

“We are serving under a leadership that is totally committed to supporting the poor. We have an agenda that is entirely pro-poor and as we have mentioned we will not just make vague promises, we will deliver.”

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