Gov. Fayose Is Suffering From Psychological Stress – Ekiti APC


The Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC), has called on Nigerians to overlook Governor Ayodele Fayose’s radical remarks threatening to bring down President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, explaining that the governor is suffering from psychological stress.

The party in its reactions on Monday through a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, implored security agents to closely monitor him, describing the governor’s outburst as treasonable acts capable of threatening the survival of democracy in Nigeria.

“We want to appeal to Nigerians around the world to see Fayose as a special breed with a special case of psychosis among Ekiti people and so he should be treated as a special man whose actions should not be equated to Ekiti standard of behavior. Even with his special condition of mental torture that requires psychiatric management, we shall still urge the security agencies to watch the governor over his subversive activities within and outside the country and to act now to bring him under the law to account for his action.

“We had earlier alerted the security agencies that Fayose stockpiled arms in the Government House with hundreds of criminals already trained in arms handling. The arms and ammunition are still there.

”We are telling the security agencies again with all sense of responsibility that Fayose is currently recruiting 10 thugs from each of the 16 local government to assemble at a training facility in Ifaki-Ekiti. Who he wants to attack with armed thugs, we don’t know, but we know he has already made Hilux vans available to them for initial operations.

“Fayose is emboldened to try and bring Buhari’s government down because he got away with similar impunities in the past. Fayose should be taken seriously over his threat by the security agents as his boast to bring Buhari’s government down is not an empty threat.

“Now a new sheriff is in town to re-order the affairs of the nation to the path of sanity and so we should expect a fight back by the agents of the old order who ruined Nigeria, but yet are not willing to allow Nigerians reconcile their destiny within the context of constitutional representative governance that guarantees liberty and happiness for all.

“We all know that in both private and public life, Fayose has destroyed himself as shown by his several alleged criminal acts. That is why he is desperate in his power-drunk attempt to bring down the nation to save his head, but we will not allow him to destroy Ekiti state and Nigerian nation.” Olatunbosun said.

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Fayose had over the weekend in an interview with an online media threatened to bring President Buhari’s government down, if anything happened to him or his government over the military probe of June 21, 2014 Governorship election in the state.

Governor Fayose had yesterday immediately reacted to the ruling party’s remarks through a statement by his Chief Press Secretary,Idowu Adelusi, describing the treasonable comments made against him by the Ekiti APC as not only ridiculous but coming from people of unsound mind.

The statement read:

APC is obviously calling for a coup d’etat against a democratically elected governor, whose tenure is fixed and mode of possible removal from office is stipulated in the Constitution of Nigeria.

“There is no point wrestling with pigs. For people with sound, discerning minds, they would, no doubt, wonder why somebody with a decent background and sound mind would refer to the governor of his state as needing psychiatric attention or not being able to survive in a law-abiding society?” Politics apart, this is madness taken too far and beyond redemption.

“Governor Fayose came and cleaned up the mess left by the APC government of Dr. Kayode Fayemi and its hordes of blood suckers, who made Ekiti State to bleed to a point of coma. He has not only been alive to his duty as the indefatigable leader of the state, but has consistently put smiles on the faces of the people.

“If the APC goons are piqued that Mr. Governor is criticizing the President, they can relocate to Abuja and denounce themselves as indigents of Ekiti State. They must know that Governor Fayose, like any other Nigerian, is exercising his constitutional rights of freedom of speech. He has not breached anybody’s rights by constructively commenting on national issues”.

“It is obvious that having failed in their efforts to gain access to the Ekiti State government through the backdoor, they now desire a situation whereby the Government House will also be invaded by the Department of State Service (DSS), as it was done in Akwa Ibom State, but on this one, they will fail, as usual.”

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