GOtv Lite Channels List and Subscription Price

GOtv Lite is one of the GOtv packages which offers a series of media entertainment through TV and audio channels at the lowest possible price. The package is designed taking into cognizance low-income earners who can not afford other packages like GOtv Supa, GOtv Max, GOtv Jinja, GOtv Smallie, and others. 

What is GOtv Lite and Who was It Designed For?

GOtv Lite is the cheapest package among the GOtv subscription plans, which presents a total of 23 channels across 8 channel categories. Although the package presents a limited channel list from the total channels in GOtv, it contains a selected channel list to keep its subscribers entertained.

The 8 channel categories its channels are selected from include Local channels, Religion, News and Commerce, Entertainment and Movies, Sports, Music, Children’s channels, and Specialist.


The package was structured specifically to suit students who don’t earn any income. This is a welcomed marketing strategy that is really favoring GOtv as no person is left out, thereby increasing the relevance of its services in the country.

List of Channels on GOtv Lite

Once you subscribe to GOtv Lite package, you have automatically unlocked 23 channels that cut across international and local channels. Listed below are all the 23 channels in the subscription package, and they are segmented according to their channel categories.

Local Channels

In this package, there are a total of 10 local channels available for subscribers, and they are:

  • Liberty TV
  • NTA International
  • Rave
  • Silverbird
  • AIT
  • MiTV
  • Channels
  • Lagos TV
  • WAP TV
  • WaZoBia Max

Religious Channels

For subscribers on GOtv Lite, there 4 religious channels that cover the two main religions in the country. Below are the channels in this category:

  • Islam Channel
  • Faith Broadcast Network
  • Dove TV
  • Emmanuel TV

News and Commerce

There are 3 channels provided for subscribers who need to be updated on current news and commercials. Below is the list of news channels available on the GOtv lite plan:

  • Al Jazeera
  • eTV Africa
  • TVC News

Entertainment and Movies

  • GO Channel
  • Galaxy TV


The package also considered sports lovers and added a channel for sports updates.

  • SuperSport Blitz


One of the children’s favorite channels is added to the package

  • Jim Jam


Music lovers in GOtv lite get entertained with the channel below:

  • Afro Music English


  • TVC Entertainment

How Much is GOtv Lite?

The price of the bouquet is segmented into different levels based on what the user can afford. For users that can afford to pay for an annual plan, it costs N3,180. Such users will enjoy the service for one year without any interruption.

The plan also has a quarterly payment plan that costs N 1,080 every four months. For users who can afford only a monthly subscription, the price is N410 monthly.

The amount above for the monthly subscribers provides the services for a period of 30 days before it expires. Once one subscribes by making a payment through any of the payment plans, then all the above-listed channels automatically become active.

How To Subscribe To GOtv Lite Package

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There are different wales in which one can successfully subscribe to the GOtv Lite plan. You can make payments through your bank mobile app or through any of the GOtv or Multichoice outlets close to you. The TV service provider also has an online platform where users can subscribe to the plan.

Difference Between GOtv Smallie and GOtv Lite

There are a whole lot of differences that exist between these two GOtv packages, although the two are designed in consideration of the low-income earners. Other than the price difference between GOtv Smallie and GOtv Lite, there are differences in the number of channels.

List of Channels in GOtv Smallie Not Available in GOtv Lite

General Entertainment

  • Trybe TV

News and Commerce

  • NTA News 24
  • NTA Parliament


  • Urban TV

Local Channels

  • EBS
  • BCOS
  • ITV Benin
  • OGTV
  • R2TV
  • Arewa 24
  • Sunna TV

Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education

  • Spice TV


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