GOtv Activation Process and How To Upgrade Your Subscription

GOtv Africa is a product of DSTV’s parent company, MULTICHOICE, one of Nigeria’s most dominant Pay-TV companies. Watching television as a family is a tried and true method of bringing up and keeping a family together. To enjoy all the entertainment packages on GOtv, one must go through the activation process.

As a pay television service, you have to pay a monthly renewable price to access the amazing channels it offers. You must activate your GOtv payment after making any premium payments. Although the GOtv operators usually handle this process automatically, it does occasionally necessitate personal intervention to resolve.

How to Activate GOtv in Nigeria

Activating your GOtv package is a straightforward process. We will gradually walk you through the process of activating your GOtv manually. The manual process of activating GOtv after purchase is possible in four ways:

  • Through the GOtv’s official website
  • Via the MyGOtv app
  • Via SMS
  • GOtv activation code on a mobile phone

How to Activate a New GOtv Account Online

  • Go to the Official GOtv website or click here
  • Click on the menu icon and select ACTIVATIONS
  • Select your Country
  • Enter your surname or mobile number linked to your GOtv during purchase and enter your Decoder’s IUC Number, then click on SIGN IN
  • After signing in, click “ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT,” and your decoder will be activated.

How to Activate a New GOtv Account Through the MyGOtv app 

  • Download and install the MyGOtv app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • After installation, open the app and log in as a new subscriber. Using the mobile number linked with your GOtv during purchase and your decoder’s IUC number, click ‘SIGN IN’
  • After logging in, click on ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT, and your account will be activated ASAP.

How to Activate a New GOtv Account via SMS

GOtv subscribers can activate their new GOtv account using their cell phones via SMS by simply sending the following; accept*IUC Number*Surname*Mobile number*City*Package type# to 4688 and your decoder will get activated ASAP.

GOtv Activation Code

  • Dial *432# on your phone; this works for all networks.
  • Speak with a GOTV customer service agent about activation and Provide the agent with all the required details, and your account will be activated shortly.

GOtv Self Service Activation

Like the methods above, subscribers can also activate their GOtv accounts via the self-service portal by following the steps below;

  • Visit the self-service portal or click here 
  • Click the Activate link
  • Choose your state and type in your surname
  • Enter your decoder’s IUC number and your phone number, then click Activate
  • Check your activation status by entering your IUC number and clicking the “Check Activation Status” button.

How to Activate GOtv After payment

To activate your GOtv account after making a payment via mobile USSD, dial *288# on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions, and your account will be activated shortly.

How to Upgrade GOtv Decoder

Updating your decoder with the most recent software is known as upgrading a GOtv decoder. It is done automatically, although you can sometimes compel it to upgrade when there are issues with your decoder. However, you cannot upgrade the decoder using the software on a Pendrive; instead, you must use an OTA protocol. This is how Multichoice upgrades function.

Once you have installed the GOtv decoder with signals, your decoder will be able to receive automatic updates over the air. But because this does not always work, you can use the remote to manually compel the decoder to look for new software to upgrade.

Requirements and Steps for Decoder Update

To successfully upgrade your GOtv decoder, you need to have a strong GOtv signal, a consistent power supply, and your GOtv remote. Follow the steps below to manually upgrade your decoder.

  • Connect your GOtv decoder to a power source and turn it on
  • Wait for the decoder to complete booting, then press the “Menu” button on your remote
  • Scroll to “Advanced options” and tap “OK.” Then select the decoder and upgrade
  • The daily timer will be set to 3:00. Press and hold the red button on your remote until a notification with an upgrade appears.
  • If there is no upgrade, it will be displayed on your television screen, indicating that your decoder is up to date.
  • To begin upgrading your GOtv decoder, press OK. The upgrade will take roughly 20 minutes to finish, and you should not turn off the decoder during that time.
  • When the upgrade is complete, the new software installed on your decoder will automatically reboot.

That’s all about the decoder upgrade.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Your GOtv Subscription Package

There is a possibility that the GOtv pack you purchased will not fulfill your demands in the long run, in which case you may want to scale up or down. The system is essentially quite simple. You initially subscribed to a subscription and now want deeper channels without worrying about the expense. Therefore, you are going to scale up (Upgrade Package).

You could also scale down (Downgrade package) if you later realized you did not need as many GOtv channels as you thought. It is identical to how you subscribed to your existing plan. Upgrading or downgrading your GOtv plan entails the same steps as subscribing to a GOtv package.

The same approaches are used. However, you should keep in mind that you must wait for your current subscription to expire before changing, upgrading, or downgrading your package. The methods available are outlined below.

How to Change Your Package from the MyGOtv App

  • Download and install the MyGOtv app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • After installation, open the app and log in as a new subscriber Using the mobile number linked with your GOtv during purchase and your decoder’s IUC number, and then click “SIGN IN”
  • Enter categories and then click Pay Bills
  • Select Cable Tv Billsfrom the option, then select GoTV and your desired plan
  • Enter your IUC number, click Next, enter your debit card information, and click Pay.

Your package would become active after about 10 minutes or thereabout.

How to Change Your Package via GOtv’s website

  • visit the official GOtv website or click here 
  • Log in using your phone number or surname and your IUC number
  • From your dashboard, select ‘build a package
  • Select the package you want to downgrade or upgrade, then click “next.”
  • Pay by clicking the pay button
  • Choose your preferred GOtv payment method
  • Fill up your information and wait for your new package to be activated in less than 10 minutes.

That’s all about manually changing your subscription, but also keep in mind that, in addition to manually changing your package, you can call a GoTV customer service representative to assist you with the procedure. Here is a list of channels through which you can contact these representatives:

You can call the GOtv customer care representative on 012703232 or reach out to them via social media. On Facebook or Twitter

How to Upgrade to GOtv Max

With the release of GOtv Max, the most expensive and, at the same time, the most channel-rich GOtv plan. Many users who can afford the monthly charge of N4,100 have abandoned their various packages in favor of GOtv Max, which offers more entertainment, sports, and excitement. More subscribers may want to upgrade to GOtv Max, which I will show them how to accomplish without leaving their homes. Follow the steps below:

  • Select your country from the menu, then scroll down to sign in
  • Signing in requires your surname or mobile number (connected to your GOtv profile) as well as your decoder IUC number (you can find this at the bottom of your decoder)
  • You are now on your dashboard. Select GoTv Max by clicking ‘Build a Package’
  • To finalize your subscription, click the Next button and select your preferred payment method.

Please remember that it is best only to do this after your existing subscription has expired to make the process as simple as possible. Also, much like when you renew your membership, make sure your decoder is switched on and tuned to Africa Magic (preferably Yoruba) during the upgrade process.

Relax and wait for your viewing to resume, but this time on the Max. The entire process should take no more than 15–20 minutes. If it takes longer, you should call their customer service straight away.

How to activate channel 29 on GOtv

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Big Brother Naija is currently broadcasting on GOtv channel 29, although most GOtv subscribers are still unable to see the channel on that channel number. We will walk you through the simple process of activating and watching the reality show on channel 29.

Ensure that your GOtv subscription is active and that other channels are visible before using these techniques to rescan your decoder and restore your viewing.

Method 1                                     
  • On the remote controller, press the Menu/GOtv’ button
  • Select Advanced Options, scroll to installation, and then press ‘OK.’
  • Wait for the decoder to finish scanning, press Exit,’ and continue to channel 29.
Method 2
  • Press and hold the power button on your GOtv, then release the button when the decoder turns off
  • Wait for the decoder to restart and begin scanning before proceeding to channel 29.

After applying any of the above techniques, Channel 29 should be restored, and you can now watch BBNaija on your GOtv.


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