GOtv Account Suspended? Here is What to Do

A GOtv account suspension may lead to error codes E16 and E48-32. The suspension could be for various reasons, such as lack of subscription or subscribing while a decoder is switched off. However, you can reconnect a suspended GOtv by sending an SMS with an error code to the customer care of GOtv, renewing a subscription, resetting the device, or online through self-service.

Here’s every detail on why your GOtv account is suspended and how to fix it.

Why GOtv Account Gets suspended

GOtv Account Suspended


A GOtv subscription lasts 30 days (a month) before it expires. If it expires, a GOtv account is suspended pending when the user will next pay. To stay from being disconnected, one is expected to subscribe before it expires. There are numerous ways to subscribe to GOtv to keep your account from being suspended.

Problem with GOtv Account

There are five major problems GOtv users encounter that may lead to their GOtv account being suspended. They include Smart Card error, antenna, power pack, service providers, and inability to switch between channels.

Change in Package or You Have Not Subscribed to Some Channels. 

When you change a GOtv package, there is a probability that you will have an error message displayed on some channels. Perhaps the upgrade has not been in effect. In this case, you may want to refresh the GOtv.

Apart from the upgrade, there are chances that some channels have been suspended because you have not subscribed to them. The only solution available for this problem is upgrading to another GOtv package.

There May be a Technical Error with the TV Channels Provider

The technical errors mostly faced on GOtv are Error E16 and E48-32. These codes mostly appear on the TV screen. Error16 means that the Smartcard is not enabled, or your GOtv account is suspended.

When an Error E30 appears on your TV screen, it means that the GOtv decoder is switched off or that there is a signal problem. In the same vein, the E48-32 may also result from a signal problem that may be caused by different things such as foul connectivity, wrong installation, weather, etc.

How to Activate Suspended GOtv Account

Contact the GOtv Customer Care Service Center

There are several ways to contact the GOtv customer care service center. Nonetheless, placing a call has proven fast in trying to fix a suspended GOtv account. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Call +2348039044688 on your mobile device
  • Follow the voice prompt to select your preferred language
  • When a service representative answers the call, report the suspension
  • You’ll have to present your name, phone number, and IUC number
  • The customer care representative will tell you why the account was suspended
  • If it were due to expiration, you’d be asked to subscribe, or the GOtv will be fixed if it was an internal technical error from the server

Activate a Suspended GOtv Using Self-Service

GOtv Account
GOtv self-service to fix a suspended account
  • Go to the GOtv website using an internet-enabled device
  • Go to self-service
  • Click on Help and Support
  • Click on Fix Errors
  • Select country
  • Enter your unique IUC number and select the type of error. E.g., GOtvE16
  • Click on Sign in
  • For new users, click on activate now to continue
  • Check your TV set for the error code, enter in and click on Clear Error
  • Go to reset the device now
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Use MyGOtv App on Your Mobile Device

  • Download a GOTV app if you do not have any
  • Open the app and create an account if you’re a new user or login if you already have an account
  • Fill the space that is tagged surname or mobile number
  • Insert your GoTV’s IUC Number to continue
  • Once you’re logged in, click on Fix Errors
  • Select the type of error (Check your TV to see)
  • Click fix now to clear the error code to unsuspend your GoTV

A GOtv Account Suspended Can Be Unsuspended Using Text or USSD

A GOtv account can be suspended due to the expiration of a subscription. In this case, one can send a text message or use USSD as follows

  • Type Reset (IUC number), e.g., Reset 123456789
  • Send a message to 4688
  • Alternatively, dial USSD codes *423# or *288*1# to get across to a customer care agent

Repair GOtv Through Smart Card, Decoder, or Antenna

Whenever there is a problem related to a decoder, a GOtv user may not be able to view channels. Most times, this problem may come from a smart card error or antenna. Here’s what to do:

  • Remove GOtv smart card
  • Clean it with a soft material or tissue paper
  • Insert it back correctly
  • If this does not work, check your antenna to make sure it is set properly
  • Turn off the set and switch it back on

Reboot Your GOtv Set

If your GOtv account is suspended, fix this by rebooting the GOtv set after you tried the other options, and they seem futile.

To reboot, switch off the set and switch it on again. Sometimes, the suspension affects some channels, and one cannot switch between channels. Fix it with the following methods:

  • Switch off the GOtv set while holding the P+ button
  • When a green light pops up, let go of the P+ button
  • Press the P- button twice when the green light goes off
  • Press the P+ button twice
  • The decoder will automatically set itself
  • Press Ok on the first installation screen and follow the instruction that will follow

Fix Technical Errors E16, E48-32

  • Send SMS with IUC number and send to 4688 if in Nigeria (Eg. Reset 123456789 to 4688).
  • From South Africa, use USSD code *120*68584# or send SMS Error code, IUC number to 49004 (Eg. E16 0123456)
  • Lesotho: SMS Error code, IUC number to 32468 (Eg. E16 0123456)
  • From any country, visit to use GOtv self-service to rectify the error

Summary of All You Need to Fix Your Suspended GOtv Account

The things you need to get your GOtv account to be suspended can vary depending on how you want to fix the problem. Generally, however, you’ll need the following:

  • IUC number (found at the bottom of GOtv decoder on a red sticker)
  • Surname
  • Mobile number

Other things needed include:

  • An internet-enabled device (for online)
  • Airtime on your phone (to call or text customer care representatives)


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