Strange Pregnancy: Woman Delivers Goat-Like Baby After 3 Years


Life is full of surprises and with the dawning of each day, the world is served with different stories of bizarre occurrences. I do not know if there is any medical explanation for an animal, a goat-like baby in this case, to be birthed by a human but having witnessed the manifestation of voodoo powers in this part of the globe, I would not be mistaken to attribute such happenings to witchcraft manipulations commonly known as ‘Black magic’.

Residents of the Rumuowha Eneka area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State were yesterday, February 7, entertained to a shocking incident when an unnamed woman put to birth a goat-like baby.

The woman who had been pregnant for three years was said to have delivered a ‘baby’ which threw people into shock at the Kerala Community Hall in the state.

According to the report, one Evangelist Jerkins Tar had put together a Free Medical Treatment for people suffering from fibroid, internal heat, stroke and other infirmities. It was in during the exercise that the woman reportedly ‘put to birth.’

The hopes of family members who were excited that the lady had finally gone into labour were dashed after they were told that she delivered a goat instead of a baby.

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A Facebook user, Simeon Chukwu, who shared the story with supporting pictures wrote:

“This Woman has been pregnant for the past 3yrs but got her deliverance at Karaka Community Hall Rumuowha Eneka Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She is from Abia State and her husband is from Akwa/Ibom State.

See Photos below:


Woman Who Has Been Pregnant For 3 Years Allegedly Delivers A Goat-Like Baby
Woman Who Has Been Pregnant For 3 Years Allegedly Delivers A Goat-Like Baby

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Goat 2

Goat 4

Goat 5

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Goat 7

Goat 8

A similar incident also happened last year in Taraba State when a goat gave birth to a human-like creature. An eyewitness, Rariya, who reported the story on Facebook said that residents were alleging the owner of the goat probably had sexual intercourse with the nanny goat.