Globacom Rated “Best Network” In New Internet Subscription By NCC


Nigerian telecom giant, Globacom reached another milestone in the telecommunication business as the company has been named the leader in new internet subscriber acquisition in the country’s telecommunications industry by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

Globacom gained the highest number of internet users in September of 2015 with over a million new internet users on its network, based on a report on the 2015 third quarter (Q3) statistics currently on the NCC website.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said that Globacom had 21,896,229 internet users on its network as at the end of September, up from 20,765,379 data users in August; showing an addition of 1,130,850 new internet subscribers, Leadership reports.

Globacom’s figure was much more than the total number of new internet users who joined the three other major telecom operators, MTN, Airtel, and Etisalat, put together, according to the report.

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Globacom has for several months, been leading the race for the acquisition of new internet users in the telecom industry. For instance, last August, the network added 1,434,830 data users, while MTN recorded 309,960 and Etisalat 147,149 new internet surfers. Airtel, meanwhile, had a drop of 110,838.

In September, the three telecom operators recorded a combined total of 716,450 new internet subscribers. Coming closest to Globacom was MTN, which recorded an additional 423,448 new internet users on its network.

Airtel followed, coming in third with 235,941 new subscribers while Etisalat recorded the least number of new internet users in the industry with just 57,061 new data subscribers joining the network in September.

Globacom network’s steady growth and success in the number of data subscribers may be attributed to their improved data services which followed the network improvement exercise being carried out by the company.

Globacom has also recently launched several attractive and user-friendly packages which offer a lot of appeal to data users.

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