Glo Free Data Day: NCC Orders Globacom To Stop Bonanza

The regulatory body in charge of telecom operators, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has stopped the intended Glo free data day, a data promo initially meant for all its subscribers on the Globacom network on  Friday, August 11, 2017.

The commission explained that the operator has no appropriate approval of the regulator before embarking on the promotional activity. It added that the action by the network violates the provisions of Nigerian communication Acts. NCC also ordered the network operator from further advertising the promo in the print, electronic media or its websites or face serious sanctions.

This was contained in a letter signed by Sunday Dare, NCC Commissioner for Stakeholder Management, for Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman, on Tuesday.

What The Letter Says:

The letter instructed the company to refer to the commission’s letter dated 14th March 2017 conveying approval for the Glo overload promotion.

It further stated that it came to the commission’s notice that Globacom Nigeria Ltd was implementing the above regulatory approval in breach especially given company’s recent media campaign on the ‘Glo free data offer’, a clear departure from terms and condition of the approval given for the Glo overload promotion.

Consequent upon the above, the commission directed Glo to suspend implementation of the Glo overload promotion from its network with immediate effect.

NCC also summoned the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Globacom Nigeria, Gladys Talabi, to a meeting at the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja for August 17, 2017.

Notably, NCC is bestowed with the responsibility of regulating the supply of telecommunications services and facilities after its founding in 1992 under decree number 75 Federal Military Government of Nigeria.  The commission also has the right to set performance standards for telephone services as well as promoting competitions among them in Nigeria.

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Those in the leading position of the commission include a board of nine commissioners, which is made up of the chairman ( a non-executive commissioner), the Executive Vice Chairman or Chief Executive Officer, five other non-executive commissioners and two Executive commissioners.

Despite the fact that the decree of creation has been abolished and replaced with the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) 2003, the roles of the commission still appear untouched.

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Glo’s Offence

Globacom had declared Friday, 11th August 2017, as the first Free Data Day on its network. This was meant to be an avenue for the company to keep its promise of the Glo Free Data Day package which was launched recently, in a statement from the company.

The company said that eligible subscribers will get 200 megabytes free data to enjoy a free day of FREE browsing, chatting, streaming, downloading, uploading and lots more.

Glo subscribers were to use 100 megabytes plus N150 on voice calls OR N250 on voice calls between Friday, 4th and Thursday 10th August to qualify for the data largesse.

The network operator is known to embark on freebie spree with its subscribers enjoying unmatched data deals.

So notwithstanding the move by NCC against the free data deal, the Glo data plan still remains the most affordable in the country, outdoing big players like MTN, Etisalat and “the smartphone network” Airtel.

You may find out how to enjoy the unsurpassable deals by the Glo network here.


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