21-Year Old Girl Unleashes Frustration at Being A Virgin


Considering the level of immorality in the world today, being a virgin at 21 is a big deal. A Nigerian lady, who is only 21-years old cries out about the frustration she is currently facing in her relationships with men all because she is a virgin.

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“I’m tired of being a virgin”- she laments. The young lady feels there is something wrong with her and needs help, mostly medical, on how to end her worries. The young lady, unable to explore her sexuality due to her status wrote to a self-styled psychologist and relationship expert Joro Olumofin, to seek an alternative solution to the problem which is hindering her from keeping a relationship.

Virgin at 21

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Read what the frustrated girl wrote below:

I Am Tired Of Being a virgin

“Good morning Joromofin! I have been following you for quite some time now. Trust me, great work you are doing. Please kindly keep me anonymous. I am 21-years of age and I have been having problem with my relationships for subsequent times now. Meanwhile, I cherished my relationship for reasons I don’t know why.

“Am I just possessed or does this happen to every girl on their first time? Whenever I and my ex are on the bed we enjoy the romance and foreplay but whenever he tries putting his fingers inside me I don’t allow him to cos it is always painful, not to talk of putting his dick in order to dis-virgin me.

“I just scream aloud even without him putting it inside which usually gets him furious and angry and then he leaves me immediately.  Please guys help me out. This has really affected my relationship and I don’t want to loose my next relationship.

“Is there any pill I can take in order not to feel the pain cos I really ant to have s*x just like every other lady out there. I really need your advice guys.”

If you have the answers to this lady’s problem, free free to drop your advise and suggestions on the comment box.