Shocking! See The Giant Tumour Doctors Removed From Woman’s Stomach


An Indian woman has had an unbelievable giant tumour weighing 15 stone removed from her stomach last Friday, after living with it for five years. It took the surgeons who worked on her just three hours to remove the massive tumour, which weighed the same as a large man, from her right ovary.

Kamlesh Devi, 45, from Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, claimed her husband stopped her visiting a doctor much earlier because he said the family were too poor to pay for treatment. And even though she suffered though unbearable pain for years, she followed her husband’s wishes.

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Mrs. Kamlesh discovered she was entitled to free treatment as part of an Indian poverty scheme six months ago, after her husband sadly died and she decided to finally see a doctor – who treated her for free.

Surgeon Dr. A S Jaggi, 60, said she was in severe pain when she came to the hospital. The tumor had started leaking and it would have turned fatal if there was any further delay.

Three units of blood were infused during the surgery and then the patient was kept in ICU for a day. Dr. Jaggi reports that Mrs. Kamlesh is recovering well, while they await the results of the tests taken on the tumour.

giant tumour removed 3

giant tumour removed

giant tumour removed 2

Expressing shock at the size of the giant tumour, the doctor said; “I’ve never seen such a tumor in my whole career. Ovarian tumors are common but never this big.”

“It must be three feet in length and two feet in width, it’s huge. The tumor has now has been sent to a pathology lab for tests.”

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For the record breaking tumour, the hospital has contacted India’s version of the Guinness Book of Records and the Limca Book of Records to see if the tumour qualifies for a recognition.