Popular Pastor Caught Having Sex With Married Woman On Her Matrimonial Bed [Photos]


A well-known Ghanaian pastor, Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor, Head Pastor and Founder of the Apostolic Good News Church International, has been entangled in a messy affair after he was caught in the act having sex with a married woman, Mrs. Mina Adjei, who is a member of his church, at their home in EMEFS Estate residence at Lashibi, a suburb of  Accra, on her matrimonial bed.

According to The New Crusading Guide, the heart-rending incident was unfortunately witnessed by no other person than the husband of the woman.

Narrating his tragic experience to The New Crusading Guide news team, the victimized husband, Mr. Thomas Adjei, totally broken down in spirit and soul, said he was so “sad and dumbfounded, upon seeing another man in bed with my own wife. I thought it only happened in movies”.

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Ghanaian Pastor
Mina Adjei And Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor

Adjei however said although he had suspected his wife of infidelity, he never knew the evidence would hit his face in that dramatic manner. He said:

‘My wife and I have been having some marital problems for sometime now based on her recent attachments and relationship with other men, and over her constant nagging and reluctance to pick the kids from school and take care of them in her shop, which is even closer to the school.

She had never accepted her fault or explained to me peacefully even when caught red-handed with men in very uncompromising situations at odd times. Due to this, families and counselors advised that we separated for a while due to her violent attitude whenever there is a little problem while the two families put heads together to resolve the issues.

On that fateful morning of Saturday May 7, 2016, at about 6:30am, I had left my hideout to the house to go and pack my belongings from the house, since my wife and I had earlier agreed that our EMEFS Estate rent had expire, and due to some hitches in business for now, we should rather relocate into a much affordable apartment instead of renewing the rent again.’

But the wife, he said, later rescinded her decision, but rather claimed she had an uncle who said he would pay the rent for her to stay in the EMEFS apartment all by herself without the husband. (Maybe Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor was the supposed uncle. lol)

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Ghanaian Pastor
Mina Covering Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor’s Face To Avoid Being Photographed

According to him, he went with a carpenter to help him fix and change some of the locks where necessary before he finally packed out since “she said she would stay in the house with her so-called uncle of a benefactor, till the families resolve the issues”.

Upon reaching the house, he knocked at the main gate for sometime before a sister-in-law came out to get the door. He continued:

“I greeted and entered the house as the man of the house and walked straight to our master-bedroom to knock on our bedroom door. But as I knocked for some minutes without any response at all, I then decided to push the door to see what was wrong with my wife in there, because her sister had already confirmed that she was inside.”

“As soon as I pushed the door opened, my wife rushed out to push it back against me! Wow, what is happening here- I wondered at her attitude? This gave me the idea to suspect that something fishy was definitely going on in the room, because of my past suspicion. I decided to force the door open to enter at all cost. I then forced the door back on her, and lo and behold, here was a thick-tall dark man Unclad on my own matrimonial bed with my wife in my room! How else could a man be traumatized in his life than this?”

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Ghanaian Pastor
Mrs. Mina Adjei And Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor

Describing his woes to the team, Mr. Adjei, underscored that at the instance, he was terrified so much so that he could not move nor scream, so all he found himself doing was to start clapping his hands for them. After some seconds, he gathered some courage and decided to take some pictures for evidence, “but to my amazement, my shameless wife suddenly pounced on me in an attack and tore my clothes to prevent me from taking the pictures, but when she realized she couldn’t stop me, she rather ran to her so-called daddy of a pastor and started covering his face with the man’s under wears- shouting, ‘Daddy don’t allow him to take your face!”, he elaborated.

He then reported the case to the Lashibi Vivian Farm Police who later effected the arrest of the lovebirds. Both were detained and granted bail the next day. The case has since been with the DOVVSU Department of the station for further resolution.