Men Can Cheat Because We Bought The Wedding Ring…We Own You – Ghanaian Celeb DKB


In an interview on Saturday, 16th July, with lifestyle and entertainment programme Rhythm A to Z of Ghanaian radio station, Joy FM 99.7, ‘King of Ghanaian comedy’, Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB, said it is permissible for men to cheat on their wives.

According to him, because men are responsible for buying the woman a wedding ring and also foot the bill for the wedding, it should not be seen as wrong if they cheat on their wives. His words:

“I keep telling the young girls, when your man cheats, you leave him to God. That was what our mothers and grandmothers did. He will later humble himself before the Lord. You don’t payback.

Men can cheat because we bought the wedding ring and we organised the wedding and you bear our surname. Even the word bride means a cook. The man does not bear the woman surname so we own you. We take charge of you that’s why you bear our surname. It’s a honest fact. If you think otherwise, go and marry a woman”.

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DKB 1 Derrick Kobina Bonney
Ghanaian Celeb Derrick Kobina Bonney Says Men Are Free To Cheat

The internet has been awash with comments from people both men and women who obviously felt offended by and strongly opposed to Derrick Kobina Bonney’s view on infidelity. Below are some comments by Nigerians who did not spare him at all!

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LolaAnd a lady would still end up with this nonentity. Oshi radarada

AceOfSpadeThis bobo is dead already. Girls gon finish him! One day when you are very sick and can’t stand, can’t sit, can’t eat without help and all you have got is that woman and no other person….not even family members because those would be busy with their families….I hope you will remember this statement. If she decides to leave then, let’s see f you can fight for what you own!

Nana Abena: Look at this Fool.. No wonder your career isn’t going anywhere. Kwasiaaaaa

AnonymousIsn’t it this same idiot that slapped a girl in the Big Brother house? Not surprised at all misogynistic a**hole.

Baby gurl: This lowlife attention seeking dead career struggling son of an ape shouldn’t be given an iota of press attention biko nu. Women are now paying for entire weddings, women now buy wedding rings and bands, men are now taking up their women’s surnames so can someoneshe please buy this ape a time machine and package him back to Year 9000BC where he belongs with his fellow apes and lookalike orangutan cousins.

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Despite the heavy rain of invective on Mr. Derrick Kobina Bonney by the majority, there were however, a few people who stood with him. A commentator, Paul Adeyemo, added to the heat by saying that:

“Even in the Bible men were reputed to be adulterous, it’s our way. Men are created to be polygamous, if you don’t like it, go and cheat urself.

“I thought what a man can do, a woman can do better.” He continued, “Men are polygamous, deal with it. In Africa, a man cheats and nothing will happen, if you cheat as a wife and you are caught, we would disgrace you and send you out of the house in shame.”