5 Sure Ways To Get Rid Of That Pot Belly

Whenever the subject is about the pot belly, the jury is out on guys being the biggest culprits. But in reality, a protruding tummy is fast becoming a problem for the ladies as much as it is for the menfolk.

Everyone has belly fat, everyone, including that guy with a six-pack. Most of it provides cushioning to our organs, but the problem is having too much of it.

It’s still common knowledge that there is a class of guys that think having pot belly is sexy but please we beg to differ!! Nobody likes the sight of a man looking like he has a baby bump, it’s not only bad for the look of your jeans; it’s a potential health problem.

Research has shown that a bulging stomach is also a common symptom in those diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and dyslipidemia which explains why even kids now are affected by diseases otherwise associated with old age. Here are some practical steps to eliminate abdominal obesity.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Quite simply put, frequent intakes of alcohol are a bad idea for your health and invariably have huge links to excess belly fat. It is proved that avoiding alcohol when focusing to lose weight will prove to be as much effective as avoiding chocolates. So if your bulging stomach is refusing to go in, cutting down on your booze may help a little.

Pot belly

Consume More Fibre

Any plant-based food which your body can’t digest is fiber. These include vegetables, corn, oats, beans etc. Since most fiber cannot be digested it stays in our stomach longer than other substances and makes us feel full sooner. Though most of it may not contain essential nutrients, fiber helps in reducing the chances of many diseases and is highly effective for weight loss.

Pot belly
Foods Rich in Fiber

Increase Water Intake

As simple as it sounds, and as common as water is, it remains one of the miracles of nature. When next you are done with a meal, skip the soft drinks; in fact, eradicate the idea that you must have a bottle after a meal. Sufficient amount of water intake is one of the basic requirements for a healthy body. An average person should drink approximately 3.5-4 liters of water every day for healthy functioning throughout the day. Sufficient water intake keeps the body properly hydrated and makes the stomach feel filled, thus helping in reducing diet. Where on one hand water consumption performs cleansing activities and helps in proper digestion of food thus avoiding obesity, on the other hand, soft drinks and sodas contain sugar which in turn has calories resulting in body fat.

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Exercise Often

Won’t it just be fun if we could just eat, sleep and wake up with the perfect body? But sadly that’s not ever going to happen. Nothing good comes easy they say and that applies to having a flat tummy. If you have identified your pot belly as a problem, then get ready to work at it. No matter what diet plans we adopt or other measures we take, we would still need to regularly exercise to ensure good shaped healthy body. Physical exercise helps keep the body active, flexible and energetic and is an easy remedy for fat and most fat-related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Physical exercise might include anything from jogging, running, yoga, gym, dancing and other activities requiring physical energy. It will also be wise to seek the services of a professional trainer.

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Pot belly

Keep The Right Posture

That lousy posture of yours might just be a big problem. Keeping the correct body posture is a highly efficient way of avoiding unwanted fat around the belly. Keeping your back straight, in particular, while sitting helps in tucking the stomach inward thus maintaining equilibrium in the body. Keeping correct postures also help to avoid problems like back or other sorts of muscle pain and keeps the body healthy and physically active thus avoiding any sort of body fat accumulation. It’s been proven that unhealthy sitting positions over a period of time could lead to developing a pot belly


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