What to Get a Guy For His Birthday – 20 Gift Ideas That Work All The Time

Giving gifts to guys is not a Herculean task as one may think. Despite being bad at giving gifts to other people, guys most of the time are easy to please when it comes to gifts. With the exception however of not getting what they asked for. The trick is, don’t ask, if you are not ready to go to the ends of the earth to get it, just give. Men almost always seem like they don’t appreciate gifts, they do, it’s just that most don’t know how to show it. If you’re asking what to get a guy for his birthday, here are 20 Gift Ideas you may consider.

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Awesome Gifts For Guys

20. Cash is the oldest form of gift not only guys appreciate and the easiest way to be off the hook if you are the gift giver. Cash is more practical because it can be used for a lot of things like what the guy really wants to have for his birthday.

19. A Car as a gift is hitting two birds with one stone. It addresses the guys need to tweak things and it is relatively safer compared to other rides that you can give.

18. Travel Package could even be a whole family affair or just a sweet romantic one on one time with a loved one.

17. Gadgets and Gizmo’s will always be a part of a guys life. The love for shiny new things is encoded in a guy’s DNA.

16. A Concert Ticket is something that would really make a guy’s birthday a special one. It doesn’t have to be on the same day but any guy birthday or not would appreciate.

15. A Bike is an awesome gift especially for an outdoor type of guy, motorized or not. There is such a bond between men and bikes and it drives them crazy wanting one.

14. A Shirt is something that a guy easily falls in love with. He will wear it when he sees it!

13. A Scent, Cologne or Perfume, is something not only girls are in to. The only problem is, guys, for one reason or another, don’t seem to bother getting one. You will do guys a lot of favor if you give them any of these.

12. A Pocket Knife is more of a symbolic gift. Giving them a gift like that sort of reassures them that you depend on them. The sort of feeling all men wants, being the man of the house.

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11. A Book is probably the last thing you would ever think of as a gift but trust me, men know a good book when they see one, well, read one that is.

What to Get a Guy for His Birthday – Birthday Presents For Guys
What to Get a Guy For His Birthday - awesome gifts for guys

10. A Spa Session is a thing guys would not seek but would not refuse either when offered. Maybe it’s the “man” label they want to protect but surely, even men want to be pampered.

9. A Watch, most of the time is given for a purpose rather than for fashion but it is one of the most common and usable gifts you can give a guy for his birthday.

8. A Pair of Shoes would go a long way since men, adventure and shoes are all tied together.

7. A Set of Tools would come in handy as all guys, even geeks, like to fix things.

6. A Musical Instrument brings out the rock star in every man so giving one makes them live the moment.

5. A Personalized Beer Mug or anything done in a cool way makes it really very special for him.

4. A Boys’ Night Out despite the fact that it is always a boys night out anyway is one of the least expensive but most important gifts a man wants.

3. A Surprise Birthday Bash is something a man doesn’t really want because of the speech afterward. It’s not that a guy doesn’t like it or he doesn’t get surprised but rather, how to convey such surprise that is the issue.

2. A Day Off or a dinner date with the guy is not only a great birthday gift but also something that could greatly enhance a relationship.

1. The Gift of Love and Friendship is still, the best gift any person can give to any guy for his birthday. Men may not be the crying type but they know friendship, loyalty and love and all men give great value and appreciation for that.


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