Deportation: Germany Deports An ISIS Suspect To Nigeria


An alleged ISIS suspect has been deported by German authorities to Nigeria and dumped at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.

According to online reports, the 22-year-old deportee was among the 50 persons recently arrested and deported from Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Spain and Hungary.

The German news agency, dpa reports that the ISIS suspect, who was born in Germany and hadn’t committed a crime, but was deemed dangerous by authorities arrived Lagos on Thursday and has been banned from entering Germany for life.

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The unidentified man was one of two detained in February in Goettingen during an investigation of suspected attack plans. His partner is a 27-year-old Algerian. Both of them lived with their parents in Göttingen.

Prior to his arrest, he and his partner lived with their parents in Gottingen, a German city. When the two men were picked up, investigators found two weapons, at least one of them a firearm that had been altered to fire live ammunition. Also found were ammunition, flags of the Islamic State, IS, group and a machete.

Following attacks by Islamic extremists last year, German authorities vowed to step up deportations of foreigners deemed to be threats. The two men, according to, were arrested after being under surveillance for some time.

After their arrest, the German interior ministry requested their expulsion after classifying them as a threat to national security. Their deportation has no precedence in German history.

In the court ruling that authorized their deportation, Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister, Boris Pistorius said:

“We are sending a clear warning to all fanatics nationwide that we will not give them a centimetre of space to carry out their despicable plans.

“They will face the full force of the law regardless of whether they were born here or not.”

In the case of the Algerian, the court made his deportation conditional on assurances from the Algerian government that he would not be tortured or subjected to any inhuman treatment.

However, more than three days after the Nigerian ISIS suspect arrived Lagos, the Nigerian government is yet to make an official statement on the deportation.


Meanwhile, in Egypt, the Islamic State has struck Egypt’s Christians again with a double church bombing on Palm Sunday that left at least 44 dead and scores injured. This is coming four months after the group had killed 28 Christian worshipers in Cairo.

The attacks, only hours apart, targeted a church in the Delta city of Tanta as well as a church in Alexandria where Coptic Pope Tawadros II was leading a service. It was the single deadliest day of violence directed against the Middle East’s largest Christian community in decades.Within hours, ISIS promptly claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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For months, the Islamic State has been accelerating the import of Iraq-style sectarian tactics to Egypt. In doing so, the group hopes to destabilise the Middle East’s most populous country and expand the reach of its by now clearly genocidal project for the region’s minorities.