Georgina Onuoha: Nollywood Actress Cries Out, Asks Celebrities To Speak For Nigerians


Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha finally broke the silence as she cries out in a video, asking fellow celebrities to speak out for Nigerians.

The veteran actress who had shared her political views in the past slams Nigerian celebrities who have been splashing their vanity lifestyle on the social media, saying “they’re all bed sharing with the devil.”

Georgina recalled the nationwide protest staged by 2Face Idibia and asked how many celebrities offered their assistance. She lamented that while they’re enjoying their wealth alone in their mansions, it’s their obligation to remember the average Nigerian who cannot afford a daily meal.

Here’s what the Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha said:

“When 2Face Idibia wanted to lead a nationwide protest how many of you gave him your support? 

“All you do is think, ‘okay, I don’t care they can jump their shit, it’s them, they should remain in Nigeria and do whatever,’ all right! Yeah, we have comfort somewhere.

“Because fortune smiled on us doesn’t mean every other Nigerian isn’t as lucky as you and I.

“When you live in your mansions in Lekki, you have all the connections to the big daddies to the Senators, I want you to remember the average Nigerian who can not put a meal on the table.

“All I see on social media is you displaying your first class, your Range Rovers, f**k you all!

“You are all bed sharing with the devil.”

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WATCH the video below: 

Nigerians have lamented the economic backlash that has affected millions of people in the country and placing the average citizen on a tight budget.

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Another video showed a demonstration of the hardship many people suffer and what even the unexpected gender can do to survive.

The video obtained from Naij is that of a widow who drives a commercial bus as a means to survive.

One of the social media commenters confirm that the after the woman became a widow; left with many children to feed, she has no option than to take over her husbands occupation. The commenter also said her first daughter drives tricycle (keke) to support her mother.

See the Video Below:

Another notable comment read; “This society is cheating on women. So much struggling is not good for them. Women have left home to the streets, when will this end, no wonder there is decay in the society.The family system crumbling by the day.”

Video Credits: NAIJ

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