Actress Georgina Onuoha Shares Lady’s Dangerous Prayer For Her Ex Sister-In-Law Who Just Got Married


Actress Georgina Onuoha shared this shocking prayer a lady sent to her newly married ex sister-in-law who allegedly contributed to the bitter experiences she had in her marriage and the eventual collapse of the union. Read below:

Actress Georgina Onuoha Shares Lady’s Dangerous Prayer For Her Ex Sister-In-Law Who Just Got Married
Actress Georgina Onuoha Shares Lady’s Dangerous Prayer For Her Ex Sister-In-Law Who Just Got Married

Georgina Onuoha in her comment on the matter, revealed that she had the same experience in her failed marriage, but however, preached forgiveness.

See what she wrote:

“Wow!! What a prayer!! I can imagine her state of mind and what she went through. I for one would have said this same prayers 6 years ago with so much hate in my heart and can count many others who will equally be saying same prayers..

“But grace, mercy and forgiveness surpasses the pain of wickedness. I succumbed to God’s grace and strength. Most often it’s unfathomable what some women put each other through. And Tomorrow we marry and except a different outcome for our own home.

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“Please ladies, stay away from your brothers marriages, mothers stay away from your sons marriages.. let them live in peace, make their mistakes, settle their problems on their own. All you can do is pray for them and support them with kindness and love.

“Wives always remember your husband’s mother equally deserves a place in his heart. Push your husbands never to forget extending his love and support to his family, because a tree does not make a forest and no man is an island 🌴

“May God touch every soul going through pain, give them the grace to forgive and wish them well.

“Forgiveness is not for the other person, but rather for your own peace of mind and sanity.

“May God heal us all ❤️️.”

Many more reactions have trailed the dangerous prayer and while a group of people believe that God does not answer such prayers, others who claim to have been in the lady’s shoes are chorusing a resounding ‘Amen’.

@Chinweogbos: God don’t answer such prayers, I know how proud you are about your children their duties in the church, which you do preach forgive one another. Let God take control over it. Sorry for what you want through and please remove such in public. Besides you talk about doing good.

@Rotten Tomatoes: The prayer no easy o……… I wouldn’t know what ds feel like cos I no get Sis-in-law. But if I had either she lets me marry her bro or I let her marry her bro. Which wan is beat n thrown out, u no get family mk una start full blown war…… beat n destroy level!!! Bible said be submissive to husband not sister in law, Amma wait for her in d bush path n beat her bk into her mother’s womb….. she dey maaaaaad!!!

@Nkiru Judith: Amen to your prayer my dear, she will get in abundance worse than the pains you passed through in their hands.Some in-laws are wicked and selfish. You wldnt let your brother wife be.My brothers wives are my best friends..I dnt joke with them at all

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@Jovipretty MJ: Well irrespective of what ur sis in law did am sorry to say that God dont answer such prayers, he can assist u in making ur disappointment turn into a great appointment that pipo will notice u are better off now despite all ur troubles. Let all reading this find
comfort in His words’;’, “throw all Your enxiety on Him because he cares for

@Mba Nenye: Omo no chills found…They should introduce a new course for us in our schools.. Chill 101
But Anty you for kuku no waste the prayer like this,use it and pray for yourself and your sister Inlaw will face what she did later or sooner in life

@Peace Anthony: U CNT Blame her with such prayers,sum sister in-laws re devils incarnate, only God knows what she passed through in her hands,,, nw she’s finally married, she wouldn’t pray fr her to enjoy marriage

@Frank Kachi: Hmmmmm this prayers for one person, the manifestation will be like an earthquake, mid night prayer and fasting I guess it will be six to six or dry fasting, e better say the sister in law remain for him papa OZ now. Only God knows what the lady have done to her, she should go and apologize before it will be too late.

@Esther Ohanyere: All of you saying amen..check urself..are u discouraging ur bro from a lady?or saying u hate ur bro’s wife?den u are a wicked inlaw n karma will catch up with u

@Chichi Nwabude: The battle belongs to God leave for God to handle and he wll fight the battle more than you had expected to the extent you ‘ll be the only solution to her problems.

@Tunrayo Abiodun: Amen To Ur Prayer. I That Am Also Marid, I Do Tel My Sis-In-Laws Dat Wateva Dey Do To Me, Wil B Bk 2 Dem In Their Husband Oux. It Takes D Grace Of God To Undergo What In-laws Do To Their Wyfs.

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